For His Eyes Only by Avery Beck

Jacey Cass and Alex Vaughn meet once a year at a company social extravaganza. They share one night of mind-blowing, knock your socks off sex, and then part until the next year. Jacey has always refused to give Alex any information that might lead him to find out who she really is, a sales girl at the lingerie company he is looking to become CEO of.  Her ambitions aren’t exactly within her price range on a cashiers salary, but she refuses to accept help, instead approaching everything on her own. The last thing she wants is to end up like her mother, dependent on others for everything.

Alex is looking to take over the company from his aging father. When he offers a modeling position to his unknown lover, he can almost see the stock prices raising. She not only lights up his night, but her body is perfect for his newest campaign. He is more than a little shocked when she flat-out refuses him.

Jacey decides to enter and win the modeling competition on her own. Only this way would she be able to accept the prize money the job is offering. Her dreams of going to college and getting out of her rat trap apartment are finally within her grasp. Cinching the win won’t be so easy though when everyone has a hidden agenda.

With her relationship to Alex heating up more than ever, can she resist the urge to turn to him with her dreams? Jacey will need to let go of her past if she ever has a chance at the independent future she craves so much.

I received this book from Avery a few days ago after winning it from a contest. It moved to the top of my pile because I was eager to try her writing since I hadn’t before. The book is only two hundred pages so it was a fairly quick read, even for me with my hectic schedule and kids running around.

I enjoyed the story overall. The story line of a beautiful young woman in love with a CEO of the company she works for has been done to death. Avery manages to change it up by adding in the element of the lingerie modeling contest, backstabbing side characters and Alex’s unsavory father. I will say though that Jacey’s constant mood swings did get a bit much. I wanted to shout at her to just tell Alex how she was feeling instead of regressing into bitch mode so often. However, we all know that women can be that way, so I can’t fault her for writing the truth. The sex scenes (and there were a LOT, be forewarned) were well thought out and most definitely scorchingly hot. There were, however, several lines that I thought if some guy ever said that to me during sex I would bust out laughing and immediately look for my underwear. Though I think that at least once in every book I read..probably just me and my twisted-ness.

If you’re looking for a book about personal goals, integrity, enough hot sex to set yourself on fire and the gray areas between right and wrong, then For Your Eyes Only is for you. It will warm your soul. I look forward to reading the other book she sent, “Sexy By Design”.  On a side note: Take a look at that cover! WOW! HOT! I want that chicks airbrushed body!  I give the book 3 3/4 stars.

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