The Chunkier Chronicles #4

Yeah that’s right…I said chunkier. While I haven’t actually gained any weight, I haven’t lost any either. So I guess in the grand scheme of things that’s a plus. Let’s talk about the good things that I did though this week.

1. Started drinking more water

2. Cut back on the snacking

3. Worked out a few times

4. I busted out my TurboFire and got through a 30 min workout (its EXTREME)

Now, you’re saying, Nikki….why didn’t you lose any weight if you were doing that? Well the truth is I did cut back on snacks but the snacks I still had weren’t in any way nutritious. I am 99% sure that I may have a slight case of depression. Whether that is brought on by the season or just me I’m not sure. I’ve suffered bouts of depression since I was 15 years old off and on. So while I was working out a little bit, the rest of the time was spent sitting on my couch. I pretty much didn’t talk to anyone in person all week except for my hubster  and the kids. I had no inclination to do so either. I don’t feel like doing anything, or going anywhere and all I really want to do is SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.

While I am proud of myself for not gaining weight this week I am extremely disappointed in myself for not losing. I know I can do better than this. I’ve lost approx 35 lbs in all already. Granted I lost is over a spring and summer. It’s just another 20-30lbs that need to go. Winter sucks…that’s all there is to it.

Next week is a busy week with lots of cleaning clients. Perhaps being out and about will jump-start whatever is wrong?


    1. I used to be very diligent in keeping measurements. I think overall I had a total of 30 some inches I lost. But I also found I become obsessed with taking them and if they fluctuated I would freak. I havent quite figure out how to control that. I only weigh myself once a week now…instead of every few days. Small progress lol

  1. Let’s just say…you did better than I did this week! I started Weight Watchers though, so I’m hoping that helps me keep track of my eating. Snacks. My downfall!

    Sounds like you’re on the right track though. Good work, keep it up!

  2. You may be gaining muscle which is heavier than fat. Also, if you find that you’re plateauing in your weight loss, changing your routine will help.

    1. Ive been slowly trying to work up to my extreme workouts. Ive done the easier (although still sweat worthy) ones for about a months. My goal is to workout 4 to 6 times a week all with the extreme workouts. So far no go. But I did manage to get through one of those workouts this I was proud of that.

  3. January is always a tough month for me personally due to weather, post-holidays, it is the month most likely to give you a case of THE BLAHS! If you can “maintain” your weight in January, you’re a success in my book!

  4. *big hug* I feel your pain. Have you checked into the thyroid thing? they checked mine and the levels were fine but I was still having all the issues and they classified me as sub-hypothyroidism and put me on a trial of meds and it worked wonders; now i haven’t lost the weight yet but teh mood is way better. they say (my dr.) w/ sub hypothyroidism the levels can fluctuate and even when i test it could be normal but i was still suffering from symptoms. woman have it the worst and if your sensative to hormones at all, then it’s worse. email me or dm me on twitter if you wanna discuss! Here for ya babe!

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