Undercover by Lauren Dane

I recently picked up a book at the library by author Lauren Dane. I had never read one of her books but had seen her name on several people’s blogs and thought I would give her a try.

The book is about a 3 person military team. They are deep undercover in a foreign country posing as 2 single men and their concubine. They all 3 have a chip implanted in the base of their skull so they can talk using telepathy. Hotness ensues when it’s revealed that Sera and Ash have a sordid past together. Having once been together, Ash had to marry based on his family’s preference and not who he loved. Now, years later, they are having to work together with the help of Brandt, Ash’s best friend. Ash and Brandt are polar opposites in Sera’s mind. She is drawn to both men on different levels of emotions. Now, with the enemies hot on their tails, they have to balance their sexual needs for each other with the mission at large.

The actual story line had a hard time keeping my attention in some parts. It seemed way out there but I guess in order to throw the sex in there, what better position that having a concubine involved. Even if that concubine is a highly trained military specialist. I will tell you what caught my attention though…SEX. My goodness, and a lot of it. Not just normal everyday sex either. I’m talking 3 way, 2 way and 1 way. Dominance and submission was theme here. I was honestly cracking up at some of the scenes. I even called my husband in the room to tell him how out of this world some of sex scenes were. My mouth was hanging open for most of the sexy parts…which honestly, took up three-quarters of the book. I’m certainly not a prude at ALL, though I was surprised by everything in this book. That’s what I get for not reading the back that talks about a threesome I guess. I enjoy the sex scenes in most books, even the detailed ones. However, this book was what I would call erotica. I was almost embarrassed to return in to the library. It was kinda like walking up to the cashier with condoms. “No, no, I had no idea what this book was about, honestly.” Or maybe I should have worn a hoodie and sunglasses. I mean these ladies know me. I’m at the library all the time. They were probably snickering as I walked away. “Look, there goes the girl who likes the erotica books”

Bottom line…if you like erotica but feel the need to read it instead of popping in that video…then this is for you. If you like sex but not crazy swinging from the bedpost with scarves tied to your wrists while two guys smack your ass…then look elsewhere. TRUST ME 🙂

After speaking to another author I found out that Lauren writes on several different genres. So I will more than likely pick up something else in the near future of hers. I will just make sure to read that back cover carefully!

Up Next: Into The Dark by Gena Showalter. This is a 3 novella book. Two of the stories are part of the “Lords of The Underworld” series and one is a “Tale of Atlantis” addition. I’m already through the first novella and looking forward to the second.

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