The Chunky Chronicles #5

Hey..guess what everyone….I lost a bit of weight this week! YAY!!!! I am pretty sure it’s because author Keri Ford is trying to kill me, but hey, whatever works right? At the beginning of last week I was pulled into a workout regimen with Keri and my fantabulous cousin Julie Lindsey. Keri is hardcore and Julie and I are just trying to keep up. So, with Keri urging me on everyday I managed to workout 6 days last week. That included 6 days of cardio and 3 or 4 of weights…I can’t remember. The days are all blurring together.

Remember how I said I had started doing TurboFire last week? Remember how I said that 30 minute workout nearly did me in? I did TurboFire nearly every day this week…yes it’s extremely hard and I feel like death when it’s over, BUT I got through a 55 min one! YAY ME!! I’m still not back up to the weights I was using 6 months ago, but I know I will get there again. Sooner rather than later I hope.

I’m still fighting my hunger cravings. Seriously. It’s a huge deal. I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. It’s like being pregnant without the excuse of “eating for two”. This is the problem I always run into when I start working out aggressively. My metabolism starts climbing and I start craving. I crave horrible things though…not healthy fruits, oh no. I crave oreo’s, cake and cookies. I try not to keep them in the house but I seriously ate my kids fruit snacks the other day for the sugar. I love yogurt but it doesn’t fill me up so I bought some of that greek yogurt because it has lots of protein…and I don’t really like it. I need a “fill me up” pill.

Let’s hope this jump-start keeps me going. What am I going to do when Keri reaches her goal and stops? What then? I need to start preparing now LOL.

Starting Weight: 164

Ending Weight: 162

*and I lost an inch off my waist*


  1. wonderful! So proud of you both!

    For filling up, have you tried oatmeal? or wheat bread? Tip: Take a fiber pill in the morning. I swear that stuff will fill you up like nobody’s business. you have to drink a lot of water cause I think that little pill gets in there and just turns to foam.

  2. Congratulations Nikki, good for you and not sure what exactly to tell you about keeping filled up in between real meals… Supposedly when you eat 5-7 small meals a day it keeps hunger balanced, of course unless you are a Hollyweird star most normal folks do not have the time to eat that way…

    You are now jump-started on the road to a leaner meaner Nikki, keep it up!

  3. Gooooo Nikki! I’m not nearly as exercisey as you guys so I cut waaaaay back on food. My 30 min treadmill and cruches is lame-o compared to you fitness nuts, so I have to make up for that somehow. Yesterday I ate a can of corn mixed with a can of season black beans. I had 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 at dinner lol. Yummmm. <—-not really. Whatever works, right? I want to be STRONG like my cuz. *never gonna happen cause I'm a sissy girl* I'll settle for : my pants fit. LOL

  4. Yayy Nikki!!!! That is freakin’ awesome!!! I’m going to message you on FB and ask you some questions about your diet though because you don’t need to be hungry all the time… you need to eat.

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