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So I will be honest and say this week hasn’t been the greatest. I haven’t finished my book yet, not because it’s not good but more like I’m being pulled in a bunch of directions and not one of them is to my couch curled up with my book. My emotional stability is lacking and therefore I am totally unprepared for today’s posting. In fact, I have nothing folks. Zip. Nada. Zero.So I must ramble….

I would like to touch base on something I recently read that was completely disheartening to me as a blogger. I keep seeing authors online (Twitter, their blogs) that are bashing bloggers for their reviews. One thing I keep seeing is the insinuation that bloggers aren’t entitled to their opinion. Surprisingly this argument only ever comes into play if the author gets a bad review from somewhere. You never hear anyone screaming when they get a kick ass review now do you? Oh no, then it’s all puppies and kittens and rainbows. Post a unstellar review for the wrong author however and you’re running the risk of them trying to blackball you online.

Now I will admit, there have been times I’ve seen bloggers get out of hand. Trash the author instead of talking about the book and in my opinion that is very wrong. When I see that it turns me off a blog just like seeing an author flip out turns me off to their books. I won’t ever pick up a book of theirs because they are now solidly in the part of my mind that screams BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE! WOOP WOOP WOOP! I get tired of hearing how reviews aren’t subjective. Well no shit…they are opinions. Plain and simple. Even the face behind the NY Times reviews are just some persons opinion.Regardless if he/she gets paid to write their opinion or not. It’s still an opinion.

Here on my blog I strive to give honest opinions on the books I talk about. Some times I just didn’t “get” a book. I try to get my point across with as much detail as I can. I’m never mean about it. You can’t please everyone. When you put a product out there some people just won’t like it. It’s the nature of the game. I don’t like Frosted Mini Wheats and I’m pretty vocal about it. Kellogs isn’t yelling at me on their website and telling me I’m not entitled to my opinion of their product.

I will say this, just like authors support other authors, bloggers support other bloggers. If there is a sure-fire way to get your name out there it’s to start something on a blog somewhere. Because that shit spreads like wildfire. Within an hour it’s on Twitter, Facebook and everyone elses blog. There are thousands of blogs and each one is connected to the other in some way or through someone. Before you know it you have 100 comments and you’re typing your reply in the “angry” caps..you now, so that everyone knows you’re yelling at them. I’ve seen this in action for bloggers AND authors alike. I myself have stood with both sides at certain times.

The bottom line is this. You can’t scream about being unprofessional and then turn around and be it yourself. Because just as some authors have lists of  “unprofessional bloggers”, I’m betting bloggers have lists of “unprofessional authors”.

The crazy train is calling…time for the ride…


So….. Nikki? What do you plan to do all weekend? Well, gee I’m glad you asked! Tomorrow I will have a few hours to MYSELF. All quiet and awesome. Each kid has plans and hubby will be working so that means relaxing time for ME! YAY! I may take a nap. I may read. I may cook naked. Ok, I won’t be cooking naked…..but I might be dancing around my house…..here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:


One of my old favorites and random fact that my son was named after a character in this movie. Bonus points if you can tell me the movie and the character you think he was named after:



On Sunday I plan on doing NOTHING!!!!!! And Monday is V-day but hubby has a physical that day to hopefully get a permanent position with the company he has been temping with. So wish him luck please! Gonna write some book reviews…*ahem* opinions…and make a fantastically good grocery list.

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  1. Hey Hubby – Good luck!! (fingers are crossed)
    Good comments Nikki….and YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!
    Enjoy you’re sunday nad if you’re cooking naked, maybe pass on frying the bacon
    Mimi (smirkin)

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