Supply and Demand


This year I decided since our cash flow keeps fluctuating that I would start Christmas shopping early. The boy is easy, video games and clothes. Maybe a couple of weather books or science stuff. The girl on the other hand had only asked for one thing so far. Monster High dolls. If you havent heard, these are a new line of dolls from Mattel depicting popular monsters kids. So there is a Cleo De Nile, Frankie Stein, Draculara, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue and the sole boy, Deuce Gordon. I thought, sweet, something easy and fast I can pick up occasionally so by Christmas she will have the entire set. That idea came crashing to the ground as soon as I started looking for them. No one had any. Nada. Nothing at all. The displays were there and some of the stupid accessories but the dolls were just empty spots on the shelves. All the online stores said “currently out of stock”.

About this time I start having flashbacks to last year when a month before Christmas the girl comes to me and says “Momma, all I want is a Zhu Zhu Pet”. Yeah sure honey, you and about a zillion other kids all over the world. I refused to pay $50 for a $10 toy on Craigslist or Ebay either. I ended up standing in line at Toys R Us for two friggin hours but I got one. Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug.

I haven’t even seen a commercial for these dolls. So I have no idea why people are so fanatical about getting them already. I have never allowed Bratz type dolls in the house because they look like skanks, but the girl is obsessed with supernatural type stuff this year and these are right up that alley. I honestly think that Mattel puts little spies in all the elementary schools that whisper in little girls ears. “you want this, you must have this, you will be devastated if you don’t get it”. Then they go back to the company and release two per store.  Maybe the gas companies are in on it too. The more you have to drive aimlessly to Walmarts all over the state, the more gas you have to buy. Then you get there and cage match some other mom for the right to the toy. You ever see that movie Jingle All The Way?

So anyway I came home deflated the first time I went out looking. I took solace in the fact that instead of knowing a month before Christmas, at least I had a few months to round-up the items. Then last Wednesday I found one at a local Walmart. At that point I became fanatical. The hunt was on, it was now a game. By the end of today I had been to every Target, Walmart and Toys R Us around. I managed to round-up every single doll except for the most popular, Lagoona Blue. The bitch is already going for $37-50 online and wasn’t any way I was paying that. Several stores told me that hadn’t ever even gotten her. AWESOME. Thanks Mattel. So I proceeded to call everyone I knew in and out-of-state to have them look. Nope, nothing, no one had any. Then one of my oldest friends found me one right here in town. At a girls clothing store! I know right…what is a girls clothing store doing with several dolls? No clue, but I didn’t ask questions. I don’t care if they “fell off the back of the truck”. She is now in my possession and that’s all that matters. Seriously, if there was an emergency and we had to vacate the house, those dolls are coming with me. I spent a good chunk of the last two weeks looking for them.

So I can relax now. Until something else comes out and the girl just has to have it to for Christmas. Video games are just way easier to buy…*sigh*.



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