I Tried To Be The “cool” Parent.

Dear lord help me. The husband and I have been married 9 years this coming week and so I went and got us a family present to celebrate. We are not a “gaming” family by any means but we do have a Wii that we love to play. Well mainly we only play Mario Kart, I won’t lie.

I had been thinking of getting an Xbox for a while. I finally broke down and bought the stripped down version today. We all know how expensive these things are. So I being it home, get it out of the box, hook it up and the kids couldn’t care less. Well the girl cares a bit I guess. She bugged me incessantly while I hooked it up, then begged a bit more when I was trying out my new dancing game. So I finally said ok and popped in a kid game and she just stands there. Looking at me like this is a foreign concept. As if she has never played Wii before and this is her first time with a video game. So I try to help her along but she’s not listening to the cues from the game, moving too fast, well just, moving around altogether which causes the motion sensor thingie to not know what’s going on. This went on for about an hour before I get annoyed that she wasn’t listening to me OR the game and turned it off and sent her to bed.

I am not a very patient person. Though I am more so now that I’m nearly 30 with two kids….but geez. How much can one person take? “Mommy. what did it say?” “Mommy how do I do this?” Over and over again until I want to rip my ears off and throw them at her. Since we didn’t allow the kids to play video games until about a year ago, this is probably my fault. I see other kids playing just fine. Oh no…not mine.

The boy? What is he doing? Just sitting on the couch staring at me. You know, most kids would be jumping for joy. Not my kids. They just whine and moan and gripe. Sometimes being a parent SUCKS. I guess I need to open the violent game to play when I want to scream. The one I bought for kicks after the kids go to bed. The one where I get to run people over in a car LOL. GREAT stress reliever right there 🙂

So is this post about a super cool gaming system? Eh, in a round about way I suppose. Mainly it’s about how tired I get of being a parent lol. How much I just want to shut myself in the bathroom and scream as long and as loud as I can.Wonder if the neighbors would be concerned to hear that.

On a side note, I got super lucky that I have a hubby that doesn’t like sports and only plays a few games. None of that Modern Warfare or Halo crap where the person is parked for HOURS screaming at the tv and into the little headset they wear. I am also learning that apparently I can only dance when Im drunk. Or maybe I just feel like I dance then…because according to the dancing game…I ain;t very good.

Here’s for a better Saturday! Since I am having a friend look at my car because of a horrible noise…this might be too much to ask for.


  1. Your joys are yet to come. Myself, I hate games. Always have. Preferred to read even as a kid. Since I am not into games, my kids never played them much. Unfortunately, only one of the three enjoys reading. She devours books like her mother. I won’t say be patient; because it gets harder as they get older. Fortunately for me, mine are grown and out of the house. The worries and frustrations never go away though. Godd luck to you. Enjoy them while you can. The years slip by quickly.

    1. Yeah, see we aren’t huge game ppl. But I do enjoy the ones that get the kids up off the couch and are interactive. My kids are too young yet to fully appreciate books. The boy has comprehension issues with them and the girl is just learning. Hoping over the next few years their interest continues to grow.

  2. Rethinking cause right now we have wii,ds, and playstaion. We play wii alot but sometimes its too much for us let alone kids. I give you credit. Xoxo

  3. haha that’s awesome. We bought the Xbox a few weeks ago and the kids loved it. But mine are older so that probably plays a part. Then I bought them the Kinect and some games for that. They thought that was REALLY cool for like 2 days lol. I’m going to get a dance game for that so I can play with it. No way I’m letting something that cost that much sit on my tv collecting dust. The kids will play Modern Warfare and games like that for hours, with the headsets on and chatting with random people. I love it when I get a chance to get on… I take out my frustrations by shooting Zombies on Left For Dead. It’s therapy for me 😀

  4. Ohhh…Ohhhhh… I wanna come play!!! I haven’t broke down and bought the Kinect for the XBox yet. Bri and I will show them how’s it’s done! lol

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