A Night Of Secrets by Lori Brighton

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Self Published

My Copy: Sent 

Reviewer: Nikki

Grayson Bellamont has spent years on the Continent, fighting a war he cares nothing for. It is only while in the chaos of battle that he can hide what he truly is, a Vampire. Returning to England, he finds his sister murdered and his seven-year-old niece missing. All over the country Vampires are mysteriously dying. Grayson sets out to uncover the truth and locate his niece before it’s too late. All leads point to Meg James, a Vicar’s daughter. Instinct tells him Meg is innocent, but the clues he uncovers warn she’s guilty. One thing is clear, Meg awakens a warmth inside of him he thought long dead and Grayson is torn between a sense of duty and his desires.

Vowing to honor a promise, Meg concocts a lie to keep a stranger’s child safe. She had no idea that protecting the child would mean putting her own life in danger. When Grayson arrives asking questions, Meg’s unease flares. Who is this mysterious man who seems to appear and disappear as quickly as a spirit? A man with strength like no other? As he pushes ever closer, taking over her senses with his touch, his kiss and his unexpected honor, she realizes she has even more to lose. Meg is falling in love with Grayson, but will he believe her when the truth will condemn the one person he trusts the most?


When I picked up A Night Of Secrets to read I wasn’t sure what to make of it. A historical paranormal romance isn’t something I had read much of. In fact I don’t read a ton of historical to begin with. I just never have been able to get into most of the historical romances I have picked up in the past.

This book started out well with several chapters that kept me totally engaged. I enjoyed the suspenseful beginning and all the mystery surrounding the dead woman and the child that Meg rescues. Right away though I wasn’t ever entirely sure why the whole town shunned Meg and her family. There were several obscure references but I never fully understood the reasoning.

When Grayson makes his entrance as the new owner of some adjacent property to Meg I really wanted to like him. He’s looking for his dead sister’s child. The same child that Meg rescued several years prior. This child is about to go through a transformation becoming a vampire and finding her is important. Meg has since renamed the girl though so Grayson makes it his mission to uncover the truth. Being a vampire is genetic and humans can’t be turned.

On top of Grayson’s issue with the child, human bodies start piling up around Meg and everyone suspects her of murder, or at the very least being an accomplice. This was the point in the book that I couldn’t focus. I spent until about the middle of the book constantly cursing Grayson. His back and forth on his feelings for Meg got somewhat grating. One minute he’d be wanting to gather her in his arms and the next he was pushing her away. This went on for chapters. Grayson’s thirst for Meg’s blood only intensifies. Plus there was a lot of story telling that I felt could be cut down…or out.

After that half way point the book picked back up again and I was able to get back into it for the most part. Being a historical I generally don’t mind female characters that are more feeble. Meg, was definitely a more feeble character.  She was never as outspoken as I wanted her to be. When danger came knocking I wanted her to fight back, but she really never did. I liked her overall but I don’t think I ever fully connected with her as Lori intended.

The last 1/4 of the book was the best. I enjoyed when all the pieces came together and the lies and suspicions are revealed.  Grayson never fully thought he was capable of loving someone until meeting Meg and so his last ditch effort to try to make her understand was heart warming.

While A Night Of Secrets didn’t totally work for me, I think those who read historical romance on a regular basis will get more out of it. I am a big supporter of Lori’s work! Her writing style is easy to follow and she has well thought out characters as well as visually appealing settings.


I give A Night Of Secrets by Lori Brighton 3 stars!


  1. Great review hon, and I love your honesty! I love Lori’s stuff, and will definetly have to check this one out. I have found it’s hard to switch from UF to historicals-and the female heroines in historicals always seem a bit meek to me because of it. (did that make sense?)

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