It feels good to just rant every once in awhile

I have sat here in front of this computer for at least twenty minutes staring at a blank screen. Wondering what in the world I can type that might catch the interest of…well…anyone. I’m drawing a blank here. There was a time that I might have been able to come up with something on the fly, off the top of my head and in the moment. Not anymore. My brain these days is filled with schedules, work, passwords and list upon list of what I need to do that day. I don’t have “free” days like I used to. I remember thinking how much I wanted to get married, have kids, settle down with my career and live happily ever after. Do things ever turn out the way you plan? I seriously doubt I’m the only one. I managed to get married and have kids. The career part kinda flew right past me when I saw that thin blue line. Now it’s just work to pay the bills. Work to buy food. Work to pay for insurance. I wanted to ride whales! And not fat guys either. That wouldn’t be a good profession..ha. I’m no “Pretty Woman”. No, I wanted to ride actual whales and be a trainer. I’m thinking that is a FAR cry from cleaning other people’s filth. I guess I chalked that up to a little girls dream many years ago. College wasn’t for me then. I think it would be for me now but once again…money money money.

Seriously, how is it that everyone isn’t in the poor house. Oh wait, most people are. The food stamp lines are growing, the unemployment is sky-high and the general attitude of the country blows. People are so concerned with pointing fingers that nothing is getting done. Everyday it only gets worse. I think all the political parties need disbanded. I’m so tired of Republicans blaming Democrats. Democrats screaming at Republicans. You can’t get away from it either. It’s all over the news on a nightly basis. All they show is the daily arguments that seem to happen in the House and Senate. Why? Because no one wants to work together. They want their way or no way…compromise? Whats that? Don’t forget the horribly acted commercials I have to endure at every tv break slamming whoever is running against them at whenever the next election is. Really, if you get all your info from a commercial and that is who you vote for…just don’t vote and save us all the trouble of having to deal with your ignorance. Then you go to Facebook and its all over people’s walls and MY feed. Why doesn’t Facebook make itself useful and make an application that can block anything that says Republican, Democrat or Obama anywhere in the post. THAT would be useful to me. Not 50 million different virtual games. Other than Farmville I mean..I’m a Farmville whore. However, I don’t post that shit all over my feed out of courtesy to people who DO NOT CARE.

And last, but certainly not least….we need to drug test people receiving food stamps. Your hearing this from a person that has been on them and its looking like it might happen again sometime soon. If you’ve never been down to that office let me enlighten you. Its horrible. It’s like every Tom, Dick and Sally crawled out of their drug induced haze to go down there once every few months and get their stamps. Soap is NOT very expensive people. Put down the malt beverage that cost $2.99 at the gas station and buy yourself some soap. I’ve never seen so many glassy eyes in my life. You try to find the other two or three clean people to sit next to. The ones that look like a deer in the headlights just like you. You stare straight ahead for at least 2 hours…because no matter what your appointment time is, you will be there for 2 hours. If we could somehow weed out those people that just do not care…think they are entitled….keep popping out kids to stay below the income line….swear they are disabled and can’t work but never seem to have any proof….then maybe, just maybe, those of us that are trying could actually get some help. Drug testing would be a good start. It might not fix all the problems, but it would be a step in the right direction. As it is now, if you work your pretty much screwed. I was told once to quit my job and then they would help me. Yeah, sure, quit your job and let the tax payers carry you. Um no…how about you help me because I’m trying and you tell that coke head over in the corner to stop living in his momma’s basement and go get a J.O.B. Also that he should never reproduce…ever. What? He has 10 kids? Nevermind…..

Okay, well it’s looking like I actually did find something to talk about. Shocking. I’m sure I will catch hell from people…but let me just throw this out now. I do not care. I’ve had to stop talking to family for this same reason. Yes, politics are important. Yes, you should definitely know whats going on. No, we shouldnt fight about it everyday. We shouldn’t turn everything into a political, racial or religious (that’s a WHOLE other rant right there) issue. When did we forget the basic principles of human life? The stuff they teach you in elementary school. Be nice to others. If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all (thanks Thumper’s mom). Pick your battles. Know your limits. COMPROMISE. Karma. Love thy neighbor. All the other ones Im forgetting at this moment that I’m sure will pop in my head late tonight and make me want to get up and edit this blog. I won’t mind you, but I will want to…

Bottom line? I don’t care what political party your affiliated with. There is curtains around your voting station for a reason……

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