Winner’s Revealed!

Last week was filled with awesomeness here at Ramblings and now that the week is over I can get to the big reveal on who all my winners are. Well, you’re all winners in my eyes *snort*…I crack myself up with my corny jokes.  Seriously…here are the winners….


Lori Brighton Giveaway:

Winners are: Chelsea B AND Rhiannon!

Cynthia Eden Giveaway:

You choice of one of her 3 Deadly Series books

Winner is: Taylor Z!!

Allison Brennan Giveaway:

Winner is: Bobbie B!

Keri Ford Giveaway:

Winner is: Soli!

Cherry Adair ARC Giveaway:

Winner is: JamieLynnDodd!!

*all winners picked by*

Everyone will be receiving an email shortly, either from me or if you won an ebook, from the author. Those that won a physical book, you have 72 hrs to get back to me or I will have to pick a new winner…thanks for everyones comments! It was a awesome week!


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