Pull The Trigger by Melissa Ecker – Mini Review –

* Review By Danielle aka @Lush26 *

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Type: Novella

Publisher: LazyDay Pubishing

Danielle’s Copy: Bought

Rebecca Harper is making a clean break. The ink is dry on her divorce decree and her dream job has finally come to fruition. In two weeks, she will be on a plane to St. Louis. All her plans are set until sexy cop Justin Cain, her former high school crush, asks her to dinner. This one night out instigates a roller coaster ride of hot sex, serious soul searching and heart breaking decisions. Will Rebecca leave Justin behind to follow her dreams? Or will his love be enough to keep her in Memory Grove?

Pull the Trigger is the 1st book in  the series Memory Grove. Rebecca is newly divorced. She thought she married her first love, but come to find out he was knocking down her self image. As the story progresses, we see how he knocked her self image down over the years they were married. Taking a chance is what she is looking for and accepts Justin’s invite to dinner.


Justin is a police officer in a small town where everyone knows everything about one another. He was the popular one in school. Now he finds he has a connection with Rebecca and the only problem with that is, well, she will be leaving in two weeks.
I totally fell in love with Justin. He was goodhearted and very patient with Rebecca in helping her move past her issues. Adoring them as a couple is a understatement, their characters just jump out at you. They were interesting and I would love to read more about them. You just can’t help yourself getting sucked in.The airport scene was one of my favorites and it jumps out at you. It was so romantic.

Ecker takes you on a journey of giving a second chance at love. Romantic, steamy and  very enjoyable read. I am keeping my fingers crossed that in her other books we get a chance to check back in on their lives. I loved how the story came together so perfectly. Who could ask for more? Wait, I can because I can’t wait to read the two other books in this hot series.



Danielle Gives Pull The Trigger by Melissa Ecker 4 stars!

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