Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #2)

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Type: Erotic Novel

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Library

Grad student Imogen Wilson is researching the dating and mating patterns of stock car racers. Sexy and reckless Ty McCord is the ideal test subject, until Imogen falls for him-hard and fast.


I found this book while perusing the library and I must admit the cover drew me in..hook, line and smoking hot man. I had no clue that this was a series, or that this wasn’t the first in that series. Oopsie. It didn’t take away from the book so it wasn’t a deal breaker…but damn I hate when that happens LOL.

Imogen (and wow that an original name) is  clinical, brutally honest, sexy lady that doesn’t see herself in  nearly the same light as those of the opposite sex. Does she have the body of a surgically enhanced female counterparts that are lusting after all the men at the racetrack? Certainly not, but what she lacks in the fake body parts department she makes up for in curiosity and an adventurous personality that allows her to do pretty much anything sexually. Except anal sex..and yes she actually says that out loud. No, I’m not joking. She reminded me over and over again of Temperance Brennan from Bones.Just saying whatever is on her mind. Zero filter between brain and mouth.

Imogen is writing a thesis on how to land a race car driver and if  following the rules of the aptly titled book “How to Marry A Race Car Driver in Six Easy Steps” actually works. But when she herself starts to fall for Ty, the playboy of the race car world is the only thing on her mind.

Ty isn’t the playboy he’s depicted of being in all the books. It’s not that he doesn’t want to get married, just hasn’t found the right woman. Imogen isn’t the type he normally dates and that intrigues him thoroughly. At the height of his career he has nothing to fear, except having the rug swept out from under him by the smart, classy woman he is quickly coming to love. Showing Imogen the way to her sexuality is the best finish line he’s ever seen.



Hard and Fast was a cushy romance that was endearing as much as it was sexy. It was the perfect book to read in between two YA’s which is exactly why I did it. Imogen and Ty were totally cute together and had really good chemistry. There were a few sex scenes that had me going “wahhhhhhh?” As in how could that one be pulled off? But I guess that’s what erotic romances are for right?

I found Ty to be very sweet and I loved the added complexity of the fact that he couldn’t read because dyslexia. Imogen was a quirky loveable character herself, even if I said several times “omg why would she say that”. Overall Hard and Fast was the perfect weekend getaway book. A book you pick up to escape the drone of your everyday life and in between more serious books. It’s a book about release. And it accomplished that for me.

And just because I can…here is my favorite line from the book:

A shiver went up her spine at that promise. “Am I going to be uncomfortable?” she asked. Thinking about the hard ground and her head driving into it.

Ty threw open the flap to the tent “Only if having a dick buried in you makes you uncomfortable”


I give Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy 3.75 stars.


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