Ask and You Shall Receive

WOW! Simply that…WOW! I should leave it at that and have you all scratching your heads wondering what I am on, but I won’t. Theoretically, I should be in bed. The clock is screaming that it is after midnight. Nope, here I sit, saying WOW to my two dogs that just want to be left alone to sleep. The house is quiet, everyone else has been sawing logs for several hours now. I have been beta reading. Yeah, you read that correctly. Why am I staying up late to beta read? Uh, because I not only have one manuscript to read, I now have several.


Last week the extremely FAB-U-LOUS @JulieALindsey told me to go on over to and register. I followed her instructions and headed over to give it a whirl. I ended up registering to be a beta reader. Twelve short hours later I am getting offers. YIKES. I excepted the YA manuscript first that I briefly mentioned in my last post. Then an erotic short story. It was HOT. I read and finished that puppy late last night and sent it back. This morning I got another gentleman asking about maybe reading his YA mystery. I am waiting to hear back on that because I can’t fully focus on his until I get this first full one done. Then I am still doing Julie’s as well. I am in love with her writing. If nothing else, she will always have a fan in me.

I am also going to be doing an interview this week on another blog. Once it is up I will post an update here and a link to bring you over to where I will be. I am very excited about that as well, since it will be my first interview.

So I guess the saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive”. Well I did….and I did. I’m gonna be a busy lady! And I LOVE it. My goal is to do some beta reading and then get some guests to do interviews here as well. If I click with one of the new authors I am dealing with, you will be seeing a lot of them over here I’m sure.

If you see me on Facebook or Twitter and I seem to be speaking incoherently, that’s just a side effect of no sleep, more reading. Pat me on my head, give me a giant cup of coffee, a cream stick donut and send me on my way.

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