Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar

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Type: Novel

Publisher: AuthorHouse

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A recurring nightmare holds Serry Miller in its grip and has for most of her life. In spite of her fear of the man who becomes a monster, she’s in love with him. Not only does she have nightmares while she sleeps, she’s living in one with an abusive, alcoholic husband. When, Serry’s drunken husband hit’s Quinton Worthington’s car, she sees the face of the man from her nightmares on a stretcher entering the hospital. When he looks at her and calls her by her name, she is plummeted into a life that she has only dreamed about. Quinton Worthington has suffered for over a hundred years. That’s when his evil father ripped Serenity, the love of Quinton’s life, from him. At the same time, he changed Quinton into a monster. When Quinton sees Serry’s face in the hospital, he believes that Serenity has come back, and he will do anything to be with her. There’s only one thing that stands in their way of having the life they want: Quinton’s father.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

Another DNF for me folks. Let me tell you why. The story starts out as something I can really get into. A werewolf looking for his soul mate who was taken from him by his corrupt werewolf father 100 years ago. I will overlook the fact that the werewolf, Quinton, has mommy issues from accidentally killing her in his wolfy form. And the fact that these issues arise several times throughout the book. I get it, he feels rightly guilty. Let’s move on to the present. Serry, who looks strikingly like Quinton’s dead fiance, Serenity, enters his life after her abusive fiance dies in a car wreck with Quinton.

They end up married and when Quinton reveals that he is a werewolf Serry takes it in stride. Really? I mean, I get that they love each other so very much (enter a big awwwww here) but if my boyfriend or husband was suddenly like, “yeah, I’m a werewolf” my response wouldn’t be “oh, ok”. However that’s basically what Serry does and they start off on the journey to find Quinton’s father to reverse the curse by killing him.

Quinton and Serry travel half way around the world and after Serry is taken and held hostage they end up killing Quinton’s father. YAY! Oh wait, this was at the half way point of the book. What?! At this point I’m thinking “what else could possibly happen to justify killing the bad guy at the halfway point?” I kept reading for a bit longer to find the answer to my question but honestly I didn’t get much further.

Quicksilver is a paranormal romance at the heart but there is just so much going on that I just couldn’t get into it. The main characters have a TON of internal dialogue that could have been cut out. As a reader I don’t need to know every tiny thing they are thinking. It’s more telling then showing. I could have done without the mommy issues and Quinton’s overly emotional state when Serry is taken. There is a point where he actually cuddles with the woman’s blouse to sleep. *Sigh* I want my male characters to be strong yet emotional, but this was a bit much for me. I wanted the evil father to be the sole purpose of the book instead of it turning halfway through in another direction. I lost interest quickly after his death.


Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar…..DNF


  1. You felt the same way I and my daughter did upon reading Quicksilver. It seemed as though the plot came to a climax at the middle with Quinton’s father’s death but then continued on in another vein. I think this would have been better handled by making this into two books and some of the content could have been embellished while other material was non-essential. We did finish the book and liked it but did have issues with some points.

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