There Is A Book In Here Somewhere

This song has been on my mind for, oooooh about a year now. Not often do I think of anything beyond a song. I love music, I love videos, but all they are is 2 minutes of my time. I don’t often think about what happens after the song stops.

Last year when I was working at Home Depot (HA) this song was on our tracklist. I heard it a few times there before I saw it one morning on VH1. When I saw the video, something clicked. I liked these people (even though one is the lead singer and definitely NOT an actor). I wanted more of this story. I wanted to know what made them get to this point. What happened after the end of the video? There is a book in here somewhere I just KNOW it. I want that story told.

I have spewed my craziness about this video to only a couple of people. They both said the same thing, WRITE IT. Sadly I cannot . I simply cannot make the story jump from my head to the page. If any writers read this, tell their story, please. Until then I will always wonder. I will never fully rest. I will continue to spew craziness at my unsuspecting friends.

I now proudly show you the video that has fueled my obsession:




Now I have had another song on my brain today. It has not evoked anything other than a smile from me though. But, in the spirit of sharing a bit of the music I enjoy I will go ahead and post it too. This makes me drive a bit faster, feel a bit free-er and laugh a bit more fully. I just love this song. Book plot or not. Which is certainly does NOT have. Obsessed certainly not.

Counting Crows

Accidentally In Love


What songs have inspired you? What makes your imagination go into overdrive? I would love to hear all about your muse. OOOHHH speaking of Muse…love them as well…..

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