Kiss And Tell by Cherry Adair (T-FLAC #2)

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Ivy Books

My Copy: Own

She was looking for adventure.

Marnie Wright has seen more than her fair share of testosterone.  Growing up with four overly protective brothers was one thing.  Now a mountain man named Jake Dolan has invaded a peaceful day of soul-searching at her grandmother’s secluded cabin.  Sure, she was trespassing on his private property, but did he have to pull a gun on her?  There’s more to this longhaired soldier of fortune who calls himself the Tin Man, but she’s not sure she wants to stick around to find out what.  Then he stashes her in his secret lair—an underground techno-fantasy complete with security monitors and an arsenal—and Marnie realizes the guy is military, top secret military.  He’s also got the most beautiful mouth she’s ever seen.

He could get her killed.


I really enjoyed Kiss and Tell! It was a fantastic mix of action, suspense and sweet, sweet love. I have a big soft spot for scarred men and Jake definitely satisfied my cravings. He is a scarred man, physically and emotionally…a double shot! His unwillingness to trust Marnie was justified from his past and at the same time I wanted to throttle him for his stubbornness. Having the woman you thought you loved try and slit your throat would make even the most stable man a bit weary of the opposite sex.

I loved Marnie’s character as well. She was spunky and hard-headed and when I wanted to throttle Jake, Marnie did it for me. Her ability to be patient with this skittish man was amazing and her back bone was unbreakable. The poor girl gets put through a lot in this book and she never wavers. Never backs down. I love a heroine who can handle herself, even in the worst of situations. You can go to pieces later..right now, grow a pair and buck up buttercup! Marnie delivers the spunkiness with refreshing attitude. Loved her.At the beginning of the book she is trying to restart her life, to get out from under her muscle bound brothers. She comes into her own throughout the book and its refreshing to watch unfold.

I also need to note that Kiss and Tell features a fun loving and completely loyal Great Dane. Great Danes are one of my favorite dog breeds and someday I hope to have a chance to own one. The dog adds a sweet element to the story. Gotta love a man who is nice to animals right?

There was a ton of action as is common in a Cherry Adair book, and I have to say, she does it with such description that you will not have  hard time picturing anything. Her style will have you right in the middle of the terrorist show down in the snowy and secluded mountain top.

I can’t wait to get into the next T-FLAC book, Hide and Seek! If Kiss and Tell is any indicator, it will be action filled with intermittent steaminess. Cherry Adair will make running for your life sound exhilarating!


I give Kiss and Tell by Cherry Adair 4 stars!


  1. Great review! This was the first Cherry Adair book I read several years ago. I got it and Hide and Seek and read them both the same day. Kiss and Tell is still my all time favorite of Cherry’s. It had everything, hot guy, spunky girl, cool dog, bad guys, and even secret lairs for the good guy. Okay, now I’ve got to go reread it.

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