Time Management? What’s That?

I need to figure out this enigma known at time management. So far the process has evaded any attempt I have made toward reigning it in. At times I often think  that the boy got his ADHD from me. Well, except for the H part…I am most definitely not hyper. I am pretty low-key. The ADD part though, yea that could possibly be my fault. I often feel like I need to do something and then end up doing something entirely different. I have a list of x,y,z but I only do x and then something shiny catches my attention and I am off in that direction instead.

Take for instance yesterday, here was my to-do list

1. Beta read chpt 21 of Sunday Hat – nope didn’t get to it

2. Beta read YA urban fantasy – done

3. Beta read first 3 chpts of para-rom – gonna get to that after this, hopefully

4. Laundry…DO IT – got one load out of 4 done

5. Cook dinner – kids can fend for themselves, mommy is busy, it’s a good thing the husband was around tonight

6. Attempt to get into Heat Wave by Richard Castle that I have been struggling with – picked it up 4 times, read 2 pages and put it down *sigh*

7. Update blog – nope it was luck I got the post up about my guest blog

8. Go to teacher conference for the boy – ok, I did actually remember and I was on time – yay me

9. Clean my house – what? I DON’T SEE YOU…


Does everyone get the drift yet? Here is the seriously scary thing though…I LOVE IT. However, I am thinking of petitioning D.C to add a few more hours to the day.

I am also strung out and jittery on coffee a lot lately. I look like a cartoon version of myself. Hair all wonky, sweat pants and bright yellow tee-shirt, carrying a pot of coffee and muttering to myself about time management. Perhaps, when everyone reads this, I will actually look semi human again. Unless your reading this right after midnight…in which case, watch out, I bite.  🙂


So, my personal goal is this. Get everything done on my to-do list in one day. I shouldn’t be carrying over things to the next day. I fully blame Twitter. It is a time suck. It’s a good thing I do some multi-tasking or nothing would get done at all. Time to get to that laundry and cleaning….what? OOOOO something shiny……

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