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Today I’d like to squeal um, welcome one of my new favorite authors…Gini Koch! Gini has recently broadened my horizons by introducing me to scfi fi romance! Aliens, sexy, smoking out alien men! Her series has kept me up many a late night trying to finish the book. These are the books you can’t put down once you start. Work the next day? So what…I’m gonna finish this…type of book. I devoured her first three books in the series within about a week and now I’m in a holding pattern until December. It’s cruel I tell you! LOL

Welcome Gini! Let’s chat! I wil ltry and contain me fangirl screaming. MARTINI I LOVE YOU!! Sorry, that snuck up on me..but it’s out there now. Let’s start!

1. Tell us something about you that generally you try and hide from other people.

I’m actually the Queen of the Cats. I just hang out here because, frankly, cats don’t read anything other than deep stuff like Proust, Nietzsche, Tolstoy and Machiavelli, and I, clearly, write stuff that’s far less deep. My subjects feel that I’m slumming, but they put up with it because, well, I’m their queen, so they have no choice.

(Be honest — that was a lot better answer than something that sounded either true or sane.)

2. How long have you been writing and how many books do you have published?

Been writing over a dozen years now. I have 3 novels in the Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt series published, with, so far, 3 more contracted. I have short stories published under my Anita Ensal pen name in three anthologies; one’s out of print, but the other two are “Love and Rockets” and “Boondocks Fantasy”, and those, like my novels, are available wherever books and ebooks are sold. I have other short stories sold to ezines under various pen names.

3. What can we expect from you the rest of this year? MORE MARTINI!!!!

“Alien Proliferation” releases December 6, 2011. If I ever get my edits finished and done. 😀 I need to finish “Alien Diplomacy” and write “Alien vs. Alien”. So you can expect a lot more writing from me this year. And yes, of course, more Martini. Lots more.

4. What made you want to write Sci Fi?

The voices in my head made me do it. I actually write in all the genres out there; the voices in my head dictate what’s going on. These particular voices said they were science fiction. It’s really not any more complicated than that, at least for me. I enjoy writing science fiction, and fantasy, because you have a lot more freedom to do what you want within those genres, at least in my experience.

5. Tell us a bit about your “Kitty” series and how many books you expect in it.

It’s the best series in the world, cheap at twice the price! (Hey, you can NOT blame a girl for trying!)

The Alien series follows Katherine “Kitty” Katt, the world’s best accidental badass, as she discovers first that the Roswell rumors are true — with a twist — and then not only learns that there are both good and bad aliens and lots of life on other planets, but gets involved in the fight to protect this planet. As the series goes on, there’s more than just parasitic aliens to deal with, as well as more secrets and conspiracies to discover and disrupt.

As for how many books I expect, that’s not really something I can say. I WANT many more. Right now, three are out and three more are contracted. I have through Book 12 mapped out and can “see” through Book 16 right now. Per my editor, as long as readers are buying the books, DAW will be happy to publish the books. So, as for how many, that’s up to YOU. 😀

6. Martini and Kitty are wonderful together, but poor Christopher needs some action…is he going to find someone for himself at some point?

Yes, somewhere along the line, Christopher will make his love connection. I won’t say when or who, since I live spoiler-free.

BTW, Christopher was never the right guy for Kitty. I know what would have happened if they got together, and it wouldn’t have been pretty for anyone.

7. Do parts of your own personality come through in your books?

Of course. Parts of every author’s personality come through in their books. My friends say Kitty sounds like me. I suppose she does, in a way. However, what everyone needs to remember is that the villains sound like me, too. ;-D You have been warned.

8. Who has influenced your writing the most?

Every single author I’ve ever read and every movie, play, or TV show I’ve ever seen. I think it’s impossible not to be influenced by all you’ve experienced, whether you loved, hated, or were indifferent to the book, movie or show.

Other than that, honestly, I’ve influenced my writing the most, with my crit partner and editor adding in their share of influence, too.

9. When you have time for your own reading, who do you pick up?

I have little time now, which is a shame. I pick up whichever book on my massive TBR pile that’s whining the loudest. (Nice try, but you’re not catching me naming names when half of my friends these days are published authors. I’m not THAT gullible.) However, I’ll name one name — Terry Pratchett. When in need, I turn to the Discworld or Good Omens.

10. If you could have an ability like those of your characters, what would you pick and why?

Hyperspeed. I never have enough hours in the day, even if I don’t sleep. Hyperspeed would be awesome.




Gini Koch lives in the American Southwest, works her butt off (sadly, not literally) by day, and writes by night with the rest of the beautiful people, while she listens to a lot of rock ‘n’ roll, particularly Aerosmith, at all times.

Her interests include seeing how often she can ask, “So, have I told you about this plot twist yet?” of her husband before he goes insane, going to rock concerts with her daughter, and training her pets to ‘bring it’. Gini started writing to have an excuse to stay up late playing on the computer while listening to music and mooning over pictures of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

Now she’s expanded her thinking — she moons over a wide variety of hunks in order to keep the visual creative juices flowing. So to speak.


Touched By An Alien

Alien Tango

Alien In Th Family


  1. 16 sounds very doable. Especially if I’m buying them for all Christmas, birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day gifts.
    From one Martini fangirl, to another, MARTIIIIINNNIIIIIIII!!!!!!

  2. This was probably the most fun interview to write…I love the responses! Very witty and down to earth…Gini can always make me laugh…and not a adorable cute girl laugh..but a snorting belly laugh that makes my face look funny.

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