Into The Dark by Gena Showalter

I was done with this book in under a day. I could not put it down. I tend to shy away from novellas because a lot of times I feel like the story line is forced. Being only around 100 pages it’s hard to get a connection, action, sex, love and problems worked out. Having said that, I feel this book is an exception to the rule. There were three novellas in this book, plus a in-depth interview of the characters in the Lords of The Underworld series.

Novella #1 The Darkest Fire

Geryon is the keeper of the gate to hell. Half man half beast he has become accustomed to existing in loneliness. Having given up his soul decades ago in an attempt to save his wife from death, he now just lives to serve. His job is to usher the souls of the damned into hell and protect the entryway from escaping demons.

Kadence is the goddess of Oppression. Having been assigned to watch over the gate herself, albeit from a higher power. She has noticed the strong man guarding the gates to hell but has never said anything to him until the day she notices a crack in wall.

Whats starts out as a journey to protect the human race from the demons quickly becomes a rush to the finish lines of their hearts. Can their love survive the bowels of hell and transcend to a higher level?

Geryon, being only half human, comes across as a strong (and surprisingly hot) character. He takes on a life of his own in the imagination and I’m sure his appeal will make you drool.  Kadence, being a strong female, gives him a match for his strength and wit. A must have in any good book.

Novella #2 The Amazon’s Curse

This novella focuses on Zane and Nola’s story. Zane is a vampire that has been captured by the Amazon race in an attempt to further their species. Nola is an Amazon that has been cursed to remain invisible, existing in a world that cannot see her. Zane and Nola had met on an island but had missed their chance to be together. Now Zane is being held captive and Nola has no way of getting to him because the god’s have cursed her with invisability.

Nola comes from a long line of Amazons but her past has scarred her. She is emotionally closed off. Until she can open up her hardened heart she is doomed to a life of loneliness.

I found this novella to be too short! I wanted more of Zane and Nola’s story! The interactions between these two seemed rushed. I loved the premise though.  The ending seemed abrupt because of the shortness of the story. Zane is OMG gorgeous. The sex scene between them came off as very well written and hot. Overall I enjoyed the tale. I will gladly pick up more of Gena’s Atlantis series.

Novella #3 The Darkest Prison

The Darkest Prison is the tale of Atlas and Nike. Atlas is the Titan god of Strength and Nike is the equivalent to him in the Greek mythology. Having two such strong characters can be hard to co-exist in a book. These two make it work however. The give and take between them makes the banter enjoyable.

Atlas, once being in a prison run by Nike, is out for revenge. He now has the perfect opportunity now that the tables have turned and Nike is in his possession. Through his vengeful feelings, his humanity (and is attraction for Nike) wins out in the end.

Nike wants nothing more than to hurt the man who she fell in love with years ago when he was in her prison. Her self-esteem is horrible and she views herself as ugly and unwanted. Nike doesn’t understand why Atlas is showing her attention now that she is his prisoner. She comes to the conclusion that he is only trying to get back at her for the past they shared.

Together they are a highly combustible pair. Both wanting to be the one on top (hehe) and in control. When they are forced to risk their very being for love the tables turn once again.

Overall I loved this story. Although again, it seemed very rushed. I felt so much more could have gone into the story, making it an actual book and not a novella. The interactions between the characters was genuine and not forced though, which made up for the length. The hotness factor in Atlas was through the roof. Nike comes off as a man-ish woman based on the description. The fact that Atlas sees her completely different that everyone else though is heartwarming. Too often I read books where the female lead is drop dead gorgeous. It’s enough to make a girls self-esteem plummet. So a character like Nike, strong but not gorgeous, is a breath of fresh air.

After the three novella’s there is almost 100 page interview with the individual characters from the Lord of The Underworld series. I will be honest, having not read the series yet, I only skimmed this section. Once I start the actual series, I’m sure I will be back. I enjoy these type of in-depth looks but I don’t want to spoil anything by reading into it first.

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I’m taking a foray into the world of straight romance. I don’t normally read straight romance except for a few authors, but I came across this author at a blog a few weeks ago. She was guest blogging on Lucy Monroe’s page and I thought it sounded good. I had to wait several weeks to get it from the local library. I figure if it had a wait list, she must be good. We will see if I am right in that assumption shortly.

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