Hidden Away by Maya Banks (KGI #3)

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Berkley

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Most people would take an all-expense=paid trip to the beach in a heartbeat. Garrett Kelly only accepts to keep tabs on Sarah Daniels, who’s in hiding after witnessing a murder committed by her half brother-a personal enemy of KGI. But Garrett hadn’t planned on falling for Sarah. When he glimpses her dark past, he feels an urgent desire to keep her safe-even as she disappears, running for her life.



This book gave me mixed feelings. There were parts of it I loved and parts of it I didn’t. I think my main problem was that I loved the past two books so much and I built this one up in my head for so long before I got a chance to read it. Usually in any given romance series that involves men there is one guy that is the meanest, most scarred that I look forward to reading. I want to see the transformation from the guy that has a heart of gold but is a jerk, to the guy that professes his love to the lucky girl. Garrett is that guy in the KGI series. He was cynical, wounded and mean. Although gentle when dealing with the women in the past two books. I couldn’t wait for this book.

Right after starting it I knew I was going to feel this way. He wasn’t quite like the past two books, or at least he wasn’t from my perception. Sarah, like the rest of the KGI females to date, had some huge issues to work past. She had been raped by her now ex boss and then her half brother murdered him. You know….the normal. Now the ex boss’s brother is out to get her and her half brother is tying to find her. Enter Garrett who is working undercover trying to locate the half brother and bring him to justice for crimes that date back several years.

I didn’t quite think the two story lines were executed enough because when they merge at the end its pretty anti-climactic. I wanted more action. At one point Sarah runs out of her beach house and down to Garrett’s because she heard a noise…but Garrett didn’t find any evidence of someone being there.

Sarah herself was likeable. I can’t say how someone who had been raped would act so I can’t comment on that. I did think she had tremendous courage to stand up for Garrett when the chips were down. I admired her for that. Especially knowing what it might potentially cost her. So in doing that, she pretty much won me over.

The ending of course is a good one but the last paragraph kind of confused me a bit. The past two novels have been dated a few months apart..but the end of this one make it seem like the next book might be several years in the future. I’m hoping that’s not the case but it won’t stop me from reading if it was.

I did like the book overall even if I had a few issues with it. I still count this series as one of my favorites and I am counting the days till the next release. Which is sadly not until Feb 2012.



I give Hidden Away by Maya Banks 3.50 stars!

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