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Fiction Lets You Live

Fiction—Breaking the Bars on Your Workaday Cage

When I do guest blog posts, I like to check out the site before I write in order to get a sense of what visitors to the site might like to read about because, you know, talking about metaphysical transmutation (I don’t even know what that is) on a latex fetish site is not a good idea.

If I judge this blog by its cover, then you guys will be okay with the Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind, or, more specifically, my chaotic mind.

Ramble 1: Alcohol

There is a myth that all writers are alcoholics. Okay, so there used to be a myth but I’m very old and I remember such things and I romanticized them as a child, so I want them to be current myths. As I was saying, writers like them some alcohol. Personally, I don’t know how writers can possibly write while drinking. I can write with one drink in me, but more than that and I’m too busy trying to figure out how to unbutton my shirt and where to point my giant areolas so someone will throw beads at me.

The first time I got drunk, it was my prom night. I drank about a half a fifth of Vodka and tried to roast marshmallows on a light bulb. We didn’t have compact fluorescents then, so it could have worked.

Ramble 2: Hot, Sweaty, Writhy Dudes

There is a myth (someday I’ll figure out new words to start paragraphs with) that men are visually stimulated while women are not. Nay-nay, says I. My ocular region gets stimulated just like a dude’s can, and I bet I think about sex more times a day than guys do. Of course, not all my sex thoughts are sexy thoughts—and I think that’s what really separates women from men. Like, sometimes I’ll wonder if a werecat had sex with a werewolf, could they have babies? And what would those babies be? Wolves, cats or non-weres? Hybrids?

The first time I had sex—hahahaha, just kidding. And no, I did not try to roast anything that night. Sicko.

Creating a Point out of the Chaos

As random as all this blathering seems, I actually do have a point. Adulthood forces all of us to live in these neat little boxes, whether we want to or not. Fiction allows us to get out of those boxes, if only for a few precious moments. It allows us to pontificate about drunken writing, beads, werekitolfs, hot, sweaty, sexy writhy dudes, and all kinds of other shit that is totally not acceptable in our normal lives of corporate banter, PTA meetings, and grocery store small talk.

Yay fiction of ALL genres!


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Author Blurb
Evelyn Lafont is an author and freelance writer with an addiction to Xanax and a predilection for snark. Her debut novella, The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating is available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and Smashwords


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the “blathering”. You are a new author to me & this was a great introduction.

  2. How perfectly reasonable this rambling was and so on point. Thank you for sharing your wit – it was truly appreciated and made me smile while a take a quick break from my work at 12:07 a.m.

  3. I love this post, it is so creative, & a great introduction to a new author! Can’t wait to read the novella!

    Thanks for the great post & giveaway!


  4. Hahaha I love it Evelyn! I’m such a rambler myself so I enjoyed this guest post! I totally agree with the whole “thinking on sex” especially depending on what I’m reading at the time. Thank goodness for open minded work mates because we have some pretty itneresting conversations. I make it my goal to each day make her blush! So far I’ve succeeded. This is a great book so if anyone hasn’t had a chance to read it – grab yourself a copy! Evelyn has a fun sense of humor and writing style and her characters are amazing. I <3 Walker!!

  5. Rambling is just the sign of a truly creative mind. And I find I think about sex 20 seconds of every minute, drinking for the another 10 seconds. Unfortunately the rest of that minute is usually devoted to figuring out how to get the cat off the keyboard.

    Love your cover!

  6. Thanks @Mary! It’s more fun reading it than being stuck in the house with me as I take these rambles outside my brain 😉

    @Denise, aw–thanks! I love to give an early morning smile 😉

    @Heather thank you, and I hope you like it!

    @Nikki–you HAVE to share! What book is that in?

    @Belinda, give it up for blush power!! That’s the entire goal of my Twitter account!

    @Keri, I like the way you think! And yeah, if it’s not the cat itself, it’s his hair. Oy 😉

  7. I know what you mean about drinking and writing….I have a hard enough time writing with a clear mind. On the other had sex and writing seem to work well together. So if you want to relax have a drink, if you want to write, nail the cabana boy;)

  8. I loved this post and you really made me laugh. Ahh, the stupid drunken things we as youth did. lol the marshmallows roasting on a lightbulb. I can’t wait to read this, sounds like a great read


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