Mercury Rising by Daisy Harris

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Type: Gay Romance/Erotic Romance

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

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Take a sexy romp with the gods in this hilarious and hot ménage!

Over-extended – and closeted – charmer Mercury the Messenger struggles to accommodate all the factions of the Deities International Conference and Kibbitz. However, his skills at diplomacy stretch to the limit when the object of a chance tryst turns out to be his assistant, and his arranged fiancée arrives at the scene.

Dillon Rodriquez, Mercury’s executive aide and a soon-to-be MBA student, refuses to be the closeted god’s side-dish. But when an accident at the conference strands the god in the human world, Dillon agrees to act as his guide.

Traveling from San Diego down the Baha Coast to Cabo, Mercury experiences a side of life he never imagined, and he learns that if he wants to earn the love of the one man who matters, he has to stop trying to please everyone else.

Warning: contains male-male loving, male-female loving, male-male-female loving, male-male-male…well, you get the idea!




Mercury Rising was my first, mainly gay romance. I have read a few where there was gay aspects for some of the secondary characters but Mercury Rising’s two main characters were gay. The sideline characters did involve some sandwich loving with a female.
Mercury is a god, and he is here on Earth to orchestrate a convention of sorts with not only other gods and goddesses but human leaders as well. His job is to basically make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. He is hiding. Hiding from himself. Mercury is gay, but he has been told he is to marry the virgin goddess Vesta by his overly annoying boss Jupiter. He finds solace in a stranger in a back hallway. The stranger knows where to touch him and how to actively ease his mind. Their encounter is short and the man disappears into the boat the convention is being held on.

Dillion never expected the hottie from the hallway was his new boss. He really never expected to see him again period. But there he was, in all his glory, wanting to carry on a relationship in secret. It’s bad enough he isn’t openly gay, but he has a fiance too. Dillion has his standards but he can’t seem to deny Mercury. When the convention takes a unexpected turn these two will have to learn to do a little give and take.



I really enjoyed the majority of this book and actually read it in one sitting…which never happens around my house. Mercury was about the cutest thing ever. Completely alpha but also shy and so worried about his image and how everyone would react if they knew he was gay. Him not being on Earth much also made him quite awkward at times which I found endearing. Dillion on the other hand was street smart and was really trying to make something of himself. Rise above his past. He was cocky and self assured and completely openly gay. The contrast between the two just worked so well together. Mercury being big and a god and Dillion being average but established.The sex was….well it was hot. Enough said. They were also comical together in parts which added to my overall likeness of them as a couple.

True to any Daisy Harris book I’ve read, the secondary story lines were almost a entire story in their own right. Vesta, Mercury’s chosen bride to be doesn’t want to be a virgin goddess anymore. Not getting any love from Mercury she finds affection in the arms of two men….Loki and Thor. Those smexy scenes were a full on ride in the hot tamale train. A god sandwich if you will. Lots of multitalented positions LOL. I laughed at some of their reactions to getting laid together. Loki was more emotional and Thor was more barbaric with a soft soul. Vesta has her hands full…literally.

Speaking of multi talented, while reading my first gay romance I often wondered how in the world some of the positions were do-able. I even tweeted that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do two things at one time (yes I know how that sounds lol) and I wonder if it’s just for the sake of the story or if it’s actually possible to be able to keep any rhythm at all in some of Daisy’s scenarios.  I can barely walk and chew gum..let alone some of the kinky sexy stuff I was reading.I may have to do some ummm research into that.

One side story line in Mercury Rising I didn’t get into was the vampire and the underwater/ice goddess. Their storyline felt a bit rushed and convenient to further the main plot along. I think had they been given more time I might have warmed up to them but as it was they were mostly sex and a bit of talking. Then BAM she is preggo and leaves. Which certainly leaves room for a sequel, which I have on good authority will be coming sometime in the future.

Mercury Rising is smexy goodness to the 100th degree. Reading about gods and goddesses has never been hotter. If only my school history books would have read like this, I might have gotten a better grade. Daisy Harris is a go to author for me! She brings the squirming in your seat goodness every time! Quirky and hilarious when mixed with steamy romance, is a winning combination for me.


I give Mercury Rising by Daisy Harris 4 stars!


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