Book signing in Cleveland!

So this never ever happens, but there was an actual book signing in Cleveland last week! Can you believe it? Julie and I couldn’t either so when we heard about it, we flipped out. We HAD to go. We planned for this for over a month. The plan was that Julie would pick me up at 5:30 and we would get there a bit late..but when you’re coordinating husbands and kids…you gotta do what you gotta do. On my way home yesterday to frantically change and get ready after work my husband calls and says his car is broke down in some parking lot. I flip out of course because I NEVER get to go anywhere and why does this always happen to me. I managed to get home in time for Julie…yes I did leave my husband in a parking lot to fend for himself but I gave him money in case the car needed towed. It didn’t. He fixed it himself. I didn’t feel so bad after hearing that. I was NOT missing this LOL.

We had a awesome time at the signing and milling around the Barnes and Noble. If you’re on twitter you saw all the tweets most likely :). Then afterwards we went out to dinner with the authors and a few other bloggers and friends. So cool, let me tell you. All three authors (Courtney Allison Moulton, Leah Clifford and Lisa Desrochers) were so incredibly nice. Julie was in her element because she eats and breathes young adult romance…and I’ve read these authors books as well, except for Lisa’s even though I own the first one in her series (Personal Demons). I just haven’t gotten to that one yet. I got a signed copy of A Touch Mortal AND the upcoming release Original Sin last night! So here we are at the table at dinner:


And here I am with them


If you haven’t checked out their books and you love young adult, I encourage you to look them up!


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