Lori Foster Conference 2011

I went to my first conference everyone! I started out the journey on Friday morning..a bit late..yeah yeah, I wanted to sleep in. I made my way to Columbus to drop my kids off at a friend who had graciously offered to take them for the weekend. Ok, I begged. Then I met the fantabulous Julie A Lindsey and my cousin who she is married to in West Chester.

Then we met up with @JenniA8677 and let me tell you, she is a blast and a half to hang out with. She even bought the first round of drinks that evening. I say first because there were several rounds *wink wink*. Here are a few of those pictures:

Hey, those were STRONG long island iced teas…


Then we posed with hot cardboard cutouts of Lori Fosters new book series. Seriously, I wanted to smuggle the shirtless one out somehow.

Lori Foster’s hubby was getting a kick out of us..he took this picture.

Ok speaking of authors…I could not believe how many actually wanted to talk to me. LOL. That sounds funny. But it was so surreal that people actually knew who I was. I went to a Turquoise Morning Press mtg with Julie…where she found out her book Bloom will be the launch of their new Honeycreek series (YAY SQUEAL) …and the head honcho..Kim Jacobs, knew who I was…what? For reals? I also sat beside Keri Ford..shes so stinkin adorable! You need to read her books.She totally let me follow her around while she chatted with people.

I also met Ja Saare who is HILARIOUS…I love her to pieces! She is so vibrant and full of life! I now have a signed copy of Dead, Undead Or Somewhere in Between….are you jealous? You should be..it’s a AWESOME book!

And I met Nalini Singh! WHAT!!!! Fabulous Bells from Hanging With Bells took this picture of us. She was starstruck just like me. Nalini was super sweet. Very approachable. You should have seen the line to her book signing. Holy Moly. Bells was nice and got mine signed for me LOL. I was carting around a TON of books to get signed.


I of course met Lori Foster…who put on this amazing event. She is awesome. Like a DUMMY I didn’t bring anything for her to sign. *sigh* But I guess there is always next year right?


I met Mandi from Smexybooks and we had a awesome book store experience that I will NOT get into *wink wink Mandi*, Colette from A Buckeye Girl Reads and Stacy from Stacy’s Place On Earth.

I also got to meet Eliza Gayle, Monica Burns (uh she is awesomesauce, just saying), Shiloh Walker, Dakota Cassidy, Jules Bennett, Beth Kery, Jade Lee and I know I’m forgetting ppl….ARRGGG. I was bummed I didn’t have anything for Dakota to sign either. Next year I will be prepared.

Here are a few random pictures of the craziness:


Seriously, I had so much fun. Everyone out there reading this needs to make it next year. I am for sure not missing it!

and lastly, here is a pic Smexy took that I totally stole off her website 🙂

Bells, me, Stacey and Liz




  1. Niiks, you are serious awesome sauce over ice cream. I owe you forever for taking me to get Starbucks and Panera when I really wanted to d.i.e on Saturday morning. LOL So much fun hanging with a bloggin celebrity. *hugs* Next year I’m bringing my pimp cup.

  2. OMG, you look like you had way too much fun! I’m so jealous you got to meet Nalini Singh, I love her work! 😀 And those pictures…lascivious! lol 😛 BTW…your smile is absolutely infectious!!! 😀 Thanx for the update…really enjoyed this post!!! THREE THUMBS UP for the handsome hunks in there (yeah, don’t ask me where I got the extra thumb from! lol :P)

    1. There is always a extra thumb for hottie 🙂 and thanks for commenting! Nalini was so extremely nice and soft spoken. Her line at the book signing was 45 min wait or something crazy like that lol.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’m so jealous! I wanted to go, but with Nationals coming up, I wasn’t able to swing it. Maybe I’ll try next year. Love, love, love Lori Foster. And it’s so awesome to meet your favorite authors!! I’m looking forward to that at Nationals *cough* Who said an author can’t be a fangirl??

    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  4. Awesome pics! I am so glad u had an amazing time & finally got 2 meet these authors you love. I really think you found your calling doing what u do for them. Also, I luv reading the stuff u write… It’s so very well written. Oh & the pics of the cut-out men- oh baby!!!

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