To Kindle or not to Kindle….

Since getting on Twitter I have seen this conversation talked to death. So, yes, of course I plan on talking about it. I am 29 years old. E-reading is my generation but certainly not what I grew up with. In the day of information at your fingertips, I wasn’t surprised when they were unveiled.

I have never been someone to rush right out for the newest electronics. Mainly because I am forever broke. Besides that though, there is always a block of time in which all new electronics inevitably screw up, fail and break. You have to let the kinks be worked out before you drop hundreds of dollars on something. Speaking of hundreds of dollars, if you simply have some patience those prices will drop through the floor. Save yourself some money. Wait it out.

I waited. I waited some more. All the while drooling over everyone’s e-reader I came across. Then one day I got on twitter and met my fairy god mother (who shall remain anonymous). Through her I acquired my very first Kindle!

Since getting a Kindle I have read so many things about the e-reading industry. It’s killing print books, putting people out of jobs (printing), writers aren’t getting paid as much. On and on and on. Of course then there are people who say for every job lost in printing, one is gained in an online capacity. People need information at a snap of their fingers in our society. They are convenient and cheaper.Not to mention super cool because they download an entire book in under a minute. My laptop can’t even do that.

I have come to find that they’re not always cheaper. I can get an actual print book at Borders with my weekly coupon for less money then the e-version. Which makes no sense to me. But what about all those novellas? Those short stories in between series books that never made it to print. An e-reader is the perfect thing for this instance. Otherwise these shorter stories may not have been given the chance to breathe. I want them to see the light of day. I want to know what happens between my favorite books.

You also have a ton of new authors vying for publication. E-publishing seems a much looser standard than actual print publication. I would think it would be a good way to get your writing out and seen. A cheap downloadable book catches the eye of every e-reader owner. Perfect for trying new authors you aren’t sure about. I will easily drop $1 on a novella. But go to the store and drop $6.99 on a new author? Probably not unless it was recommended to me.

I have found my Kindle to be an invaluable tool. I now have several new authors to add to my buy list. When I have my coupon at Borders I might buy their print book. I have found my happy place. Somewhere in between the print and e-world you will find me. Happily cuddling my books and Kindle.


  1. Hi Nikki!
    Love the post! It is great to hear a reader view of epublishing. Last month I blogged an unpublished writer’s view too. Here is what my thoughts summed up to:

    Truth be told, I like books. I like to hold paper, read paper, smell paper. I like to write more than type, although the latter is more practical in the end. I don’t want to read off a screen, although I admit that I do an abnormal amount of my reading on my iPod.

    How does the idea of E Books affect my world? To be honest, I wouldn’t care if my book was printed on paper, a soda can, a billboard, a chalkboard, or yes, an electronic screen…

    Whether I have one reader that I mail a manuscript to, one thousand e books sold, or a hundred thousand novels in the hands of readers… I still sit in my dimly lit room and type my stories late into the night. It’s just what I do.

    Did I mention that I have the best Beta reader ever? Just thought I should throw that in…

  2. Funny tidbit…my hubby worked in the printing industry for 10 yrs (being laid off twice because production was slow). NOW he makes the paper lol. SO I am def not one to call for a reduction in the printing industry.

    I too love the smell of a book! I could live in a bookstore and be totally happy. But for those short books, novellas, only e-pub’d authors, I most def pimp the Kindle 🙂

    You have a awesome beta reader huh? Do tell… 🙂

  3. Living in the Seattle area, I have close ties with some Amazon people, so you won’t find me bad mouthing the Kindle, that’s for sure! Even though I don’t think I could convert I’m all for any form of reading!

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