With No Remorse by Cindy Gerard (Black Ops #6)

Available: July 19, 2011 Amazon/B&N/Borders

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Pocket Star

My Copy: Sent For review

His quiet vacation in the Peruvian Andes turns deadly when a Black Ops, Inc. operative rescues a stunning stranger from a mysterious train robbery and discovers she’s the target of a vengeful manhunt.

For Luke Colter, down time is an illusion. He should know better than to ever leave his gun behind. Especially since he risks his life to save world-famous supermodel Valentina.

Val thought traveling incognito through the mountains would be the perfect cure for her bruised heart . . . until someone tries to kill her. Without knowing who is after her—and why—does she dare trust her irresistible protector?

Luke’s elite military training offers little defense against his feelings for Val. When his BOI team links her ruthless enemy to the cutthroat global weapons trade—and to a man from her troubled past—he’ll do anything to save her. So when Val offers herself as bait, will he make the right call . . . or surrender to the hold she has on his heart?



Loved loved loved this book! Cindy Gerard most definitely has a new fan in me! I had never read a book of her until this one but this will not be my last. Gerard pulls no punches, this is an action packed thrill ride from the first page to the last! There is no downtime and no breathing room. There is HEAVY BREATHING though, and let me tell you, Cindy will make you sweat.

Luke Colter is a sexy Indiana Jones type, complete with a fedora on his head at all times. He’s all act now and ask questions later. Slitting a mans throat comes natural to him and he doesn’t hesitate. Well, not much anyway. Luke is recovering from a near fatal mission and he’s worried he has lost some of his edge. He feels like a ghost just existing in his body, but not alive. Not truly there. Until he runs into his unattainable boyhood crush, Valentina, on a train.  Mercenaries working for the wrong side of the Korean law are intent on hunting her down for reasons unknown. And despite her unwillingness to let Luke in Valentina is starting to fall for him. She is wounded from her extremely public breakup with a Senator  and doesn’t want to be hurt again. Tired of being used as a pawn in everyone lives, the stunningly beautiful model has decided to learn to fight for herself and try to get past the memories clouding her current life.

I want Luke Colter to come rescue me from gunmen. WOW. He’s sexy, dangerous and his sense of humor would entertain me forever. There is just something about a man who can protect a woman and make her laugh at the same time. Luke and Val together were explosive. They connected like Luke hadn’t ever had happen before. He confided in her more than anyone in his life and in turn she finally let him in. Valentina had some low self-esteem for an international supermodel. She had a lot of crosses to bear. Both her childhood and her adult lives hadn’t been easy and with paparazzi following, nothing was private.  Even though she didn’t think highly of her actions when under pressure, she remained remarkably calm and collected. I hate when the heroine has a meltdown, and none of that was happening in this book. I felt for her.

Cindy Gerard has a great book here. Since I haven’t read the past books in the series I guess I will have to remedy that at some point. I couldn’t put the book down! There is an excellent mix of action, sexiness and black ops in-tell to keep all readers thoroughly entertained.  The cast of secondary characters who all must be from past books worked really well together and brought a dynamic to Luke and Val. Very solid writing and excellent pacing.


I give With No Remorse by Cindy Gerard 4.50 stars!

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  1. I love Special Ops hero’s, it’s the one thing that easily pulls me away from PNR.
    It’s a new author to me but I will be looking out for her books 🙂

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