Splitting My Affections

Right about now your asking yourself what this is right? This, is part of my to-be-read pile. I say part because what I am NOT showing you is the two full shelves on my bookcase. The ones here in the picture are my “immediate” pile.  Problem is, my “immediate” pile is growing every day. It seems that every time I read one book, two more show up. I think it’s some kind of witchcraft….

I have a slight book buying problem it seems. Oops. Went to Borders today. SHOCKER. Guy at register waved at me. Husband now thinks I am having affair with register guy for free books. Hmmmm not a bad idea though..

Lets factor in the amount of beta reading I have done lately as well. Which, of course, takes much longer then just picking up a book and reading it. Generally when I read a Cynthia Eden, Larissa Ione or Nora Roberts book for instance, they doesn’t ask me what I thought of it. I tell them anyway when I write a review…but that’s beside the point. Plus while Cynthia and Larissa both know who I am (kind of), I’m pretty sure Nora Roberts does not know I exist. Ok, I’m sure she doesn’t.

With beta reading I’m expected to have coherent remarks that will help the author on their journey to publication. I often wonder if my authors (ha, MY authors) could see me working, if they would take me seriously. Currently I am sitting on the couch, animals draped over every inch of me, left over snack wrappers littering the coffee table my leg is up on. Empty coffee cup from 10:30pm when it became apparent the chapter I was working on was going to take longer then expected because I was watching Castle while reading it…..yeah….you get the drift.

Then I think of @JulieALindsey (the only writer I have actually seen in her element) and I think, yeah I probably look like a writer.  Sleep? Nope, that’s over rated anyways. 🙂

The bad thing about beta reading is that I can’t exactly review them for my blog. No one has read the book yet. But I have a feeling with all the reading I have been doing lately, and the caliber of writing I am working with, everyone will be reading them soon. I have read some awesome stuff!

Be sure to watch my beta page because I will be adding a new author very soon. Also check out the websites of the ones on there that have them. Stop by and say hello. I am also toying with the idea of interviewing some of them (as well as other bloggers) for blog posts here. *I can hear them running and hiding right now*

I have my books, I have my betas, I have my blog….now its just a matter of making them all get along and share my affection equally. Oh, and if anyone figures out how to read by osmosis please let me know.


  1. I know right? I even went and got all of them first before I read them b/c I tend to get a bit obsessed with a good book series (The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Twilight, Harry Potter, The Primal Instinct series……I could keep going lol) They are near the top of my read list…not that that means anything 🙂 Ive had the series for over a month..

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