Lord Of Shadows by Alix Rickloff (Heirs Of KilronanTrilogy #2)

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Type: Historical Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket Star

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Who is working the demon arts . . .

Was it her murdered father? Her fugitive brother? It has been seven years since Lady Sabrina Douglas cloistered herself with the Sisters of High Danu, but the questions remain. She is Other—a mixture of Fey and mortal—quietly using her powers to heal. That is, until she saves a half-drowned man, his soldier’s body a roadmap of scars, his fathomless eyes filled with heartbreaking loneliness. The inexplicable connection overwhelms her defenses, touching her heart, mind . . . and body.

. . . and to what end?

A man with no memory, Daigh MacLir seeks his past even as unknown threats fill him with monstrous rage and inhuman abilities. But as a desperate game of hunter and hunted is played out from ballrooms to bedrooms, what Daigh discovers is more chilling than anyone could possibly imagine. Defying death was only the first step in the task he has been given, and Sabrina is his last hope. But dare he risk involving her? Daigh has been summoned to find an ancient king, and even the powers of love may not be enough to win the battle against the powers of darkness.



Lord Of Shadows was a book I thought could have been so much more then what I was actually given. I enjoyed parts of it but felt there was less romance and more mystery then what would normally be considered a paranormal romance. The parts where Daigh and Sabrina are together I enjoyed. I thought them as a couple really worked and the interactions between them were really good. It was everything else that had me puzzled. First I couldn’t even begin to pronounce the names of everything in this book. I mean usually I can just think of a way to pronounce things and that’s that, I don’t care if its how it’s supposed to be pronounced or not. But in this book, things were spelled so weird, with what seemed like strange comma placements, that I couldn’t wrap my head about it. It really took away from the story IMO. Because every time I saw the names I’d have to stop and think…how does this work?

The world building was decent but again it got pretty confusing at times. I haven’t read the first book in this series, but I’m thinking that wasn’t the problem. I just think it was a bit hard to follow overall. I think had there been more story directly between Sabrina and Daigh (no clue how to say that either, I went with Day-g..or sometimes Dag lol) then I would have connected much better. As it stands I just didn’t.

Normally I get into the scarred guys…come on, you know I do..and Daigh was pretty hot. All manly, muscley and brooding. His inability to remember who he was with the exception of knowing who Sabrina was (except she didn’t know him) was a great mystery. Timeless even. Her ability to heal was also a cool addition. Though she had a whole lot of unholy feelings for a woman of the cloth hehe

While I did have issues with Lord Of Shadows I’m still going to give it 3 stars because it did keep me reading. Daigh alone kept me turning hoping to catch another glimpse of his fine, albeit scarred, ass.


  1. I haven’t heard the greatest things about this book…after reading this glad I decided to skip it. I do enjoy the scarred heroes too 🙂

    1. I try not to read anything about a book prior to picking it up..for fear of influence. BUT I read the reviews for the first book in the series, and a lot of the problems ppl had with that one…I had with this one.

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