Sins Of The Soul by Eve Silver

Alastor never wanted to become a soul reaper. The choices he made though were not his own. He had a destiny to fulfill after all and you just don’t tell the Underworld god of chaos and evil no. After generations of compliance he has learned his role well.  Loyalty to family is all that matters.

When one of his brothers falls victim to an inside plot for power and ends up murdered, Alastor becomes obsessed with finding the killer. It’s time those who played a role pay for their own sins. Finding out what happened that night is proving to be harder than it looks. Gorgeous Topworld assassin Naphre may hold the secrets to locating those responsible. Or, just maybe, she was in on it as well.

Naphre walked away from her destiny long ago. In doing so she ended up in an even worse position. Being a hitman isn’t what she wanted for her life, that’s for sure. Having a hit out on her with her own mentor being the trigger man? Well that’s  just plain bad luck.  Now a soul reaper wants to stake his claim on her too? Not likely.

Naphre is a woman of secrets. No matter how much she may want to surrender to the sexy soul reaper, duty and loyalty remain. When desire starts to rule her emotions it becomes a decision between what she wants and what she needs.


Sins of The Soul is the second book in the Krayl brothers trilogy. This was an easy read from start to finish with plenty of action in between. The interactions between tough Alastor and mouthy Naphre will definitely keep you turning page after page. Eve has a way of making the conversations extremely believable and laced with witty comments. Alastor being English adds a depth to his personality and upbringing. Not to mention plenty of arse comments throughout the book.

I don’t think there was as much actual romance in this one as there was in the first book, Sins Of The Hear. That being said, I still really enjoyed Alastor’s story. He is extremely charming when he wants to be, which isn’t often. His sharp tongue went toe to toe with Naphre constantly. The mythical storyline of the gods and goddesses held my attention and made me want to Google for more information. Good vs. evil always has shades of gray. And in those shades you will find the Krayl brothers.  Born to be evil, wanting to be more.

I give Sins of The Soul 4 stars! Can’t wait to read the last book in the trilogy, Sins of The Flesh.


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