Vanished In The Night by Eileen Carr

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Type: Suspense

Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Pocket Star

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She doesn’t trust cops . . .

Veronica Osborne has had enough problems with the police, thanks to her volatile father. So when tall, strapping Sergeant Zach McKnight shows up at her door, she’s prepared for anything—except the news that her beloved missing brother, Max, has been dead for nearly twenty years . . . ever since he ran away.

. . . until she meets one who’d risk everything to protect her.

Appalled when the police suspect her father of Max’s murder, Veronica begins her own investigation. But as her surprising role in her brother’s disappearance surfaces, so do more bodies. The ghosts of Max’s past are working hard to hide the truth, while another, more sinister force will do anything to expose it. How far will a killer go to get revenge? And can Zach stop him before he targets the woman Zach’s coming to love?


I honestly am not sure what to say about this book. Did I like it? Yes. Was it romance? Eh, not really…no matter what it is classified as. I would say this was more of a suspense/mystery where two characters that have a slightly lukewarm relationship eventually hookup and do the nasty…once…in “fade to black” fashion. Romance aside, this book was really well wrote and completely engaging. When I realized about 100 pages in that I wouldn’t classify it as a romance I got a bit worried. It’s not often that something without strong romantic interludes keeps my attention. The level of writing kept me reading and the mystery kept me wondering and working out scenarios in my head.

Vanished In The Night takes us to a world where past sins are finally coming to light many years after a murder was committed. Veronica’s brother Max has come home. In the form of his bones dumped at a local construction site near her home and work. She may have only been a child at the time of his disappearance, but she always hoped… Living with an abusive father and an alcoholic mother was hard enough when her brother was around to take the brunt. Her guilt at having been the one to finally make her father snap towards his stepson has consumed her to the point of insanity. Now that the truth is being revealed, a greater threat may be surfacing. One that might make Veronica follow in her brothers sad footsteps.

Zach and his partner are slowly piecing the puzzle of Max’s death together. The evidence will solve this case that has become close to his heart. His past and Max’s aren’t so unsimilar. In fact he could have easily ended up like Max if he were sent to the same school. The story of horrors that is slowly unraveling around everyone is ghastly and unbelievable. One that may put his new found emotions regarding Veronica in great peril.

I enjoyed everything about this book except the lack of romance. I felt that could have been played up a bit more because I never really got Zach’s feelings for Veronica and didn’t feel like they evolved as a couple. The actual mystery was really good if not a bit graphic at times. Which didn’t bother me but some may find themselves shuddering at parts.

The intricate plot line ends up weaving several people’s lives together but the author makes it pretty clear who the “villain” or maybe I should say, “who the worst villain” was. I almost wish it would have been more of a secret but as wrote was okay with me too.

Vanished In The Night is suspenseful, a bit scary and a overall good read. Even for this romance girl.


I give Vanished In The Night by Eileen Carr 4 stars!


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