Lost Wages Of Sin by Rosalie Stanton (Sinners and Saints #1)

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Type: Paranormal Romance (Erotic)

Publisher: Liquid Silver

My Copy: Given By Author

Sin’s work is never done…

Ava should know. For nearly two thousand years, she’s worked for Lucifer himself, infecting the heart of man with greed wherever she goes. She wasn’t prepared to fall in love, certainly not with an angel. And she definitely wasn’t ready to experience her first broken heart after her angel breaks things off in the form of a Dear Jane letter.

Now Ava has a problem. Lucifer believes she might have shared some of Hell’s secrets with her former lover, and her siblings face the possibility of being out of a job due to her indiscretion. Ava flees to the American South, hoping to slip off the radar and is met by a longtime friend, a vampire named Dante. Granted, Ava doesn’t know Dante has been in love with her for centuries, and doesn’t understand why he won’t leave her alone no matter what comes after her.

With Hell on her trail, Ava’s running short on friends. Meanwhile, she can’t ignore the suggestive looks Dante keeps sending her way. Something tells her it doesn’t take Hell to get things hot…

This book was almost a DNF for me. Almost. It had everything I normally go for in a book. Paranormal….check. Female who can stand on her own…check. Ava was definitely what I would classify as a kick ass chick. Being Lucifer’s right hand man woman with a unimaginable amount of power. Unimaginable because no one is supposed to know she and her brothers and sisters even exist. Hot…smokin hot…. vampire, pain in females ass…check. Dante. Wow. I did love him from the moment he sauntered onto the scene. All cocky backtalk and steel banded chest of rippling awesomeness. Ava got plenty of barbs of her own in though. Together there was lots of snarkiness. And me being a huge snark, loved that too.

I also enjoyed the play on the story of Lucifer and God. Rosalie’s take on it was fun and much more lighthearted then Christianity would have you believe. Lucifer and the big kahuna in the sky having coffee? Sure, why not. A game of chess? Absolutely. Actually Lucifer is kind of painted as a big softie. Well, as big a softie as LUCIFER can get anyway. I enjoyed him. And honestly, the big kahuna? Kinda a unforgiving jerk. That’s it, my seat next to the lake of fire is secure now I’m sure. Can I at least bring sunscreen?

The sex? Why yes please, can I have some more? There were a lot of sex scenes. Or maybe it was just one huge one. It wouldn’t be a erotic romance without those. They were extremely good sex scenes. Lots of details so you know exactly what is going on at all times. They were melt your panties into a liquid puddle HOT. Ava and Dante literally sizzled. Go ahead..listen, you might still hear it!Sometimes I get the feeling that authors are throwing in scenes just to get to more sex. I didn’t feel that with this book at all. The plot was a constant and it did flow in good order.

The part that got me was that it took so long to get anywhere. Now I had a print copy so I can’t be sure where in the e-version this would fall. To me it felt like not much happened until about the half way mark. The writing was extremely long winded and very descriptive (other then the sex of course). Some readers LOVE that. I mean, look at Stephanie Meyer. That woman can talk about a tree for 5 chapters. She is now a bajillionaire. I just can’t connect that way. So unfortunately I had a hard time getting to that half way mark. Once Dante realized his feelings for Ava and she acknowledged, begrudgingly, hers, the book picked up some speed.

The only other bad thing I could comment on would be that Lost Wages Of Sin felt like something I had read before. I mean, several somethings. Once you have read as many paranormal romances as I have it’s hard not to make comparisons or see similarities. This felt like a mix of Larissa Ione and Jennifer Turner (off the top of my head). So if the book failed for me in any way it was in failing to give me something new.

So getting to that half way mark was a turning point for me. No the writing didn’t change at that point but the feeling and essence of the book did. At least for me. I was able to finally engage and invest in these characters lives. So for a rocky start it ended decently well indeed.

I give Lost Wages Of Sin by Rosalie Stanton 3.50 stars!

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