Celestial Seduction by Jessica E Subject (Night Stand #1)

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Type: Erotic Novella

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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At the end of his obligated commitment to the Space Service, Frey Berger decides to stay on Earth to further experience human emotions rather than return to Ginnun where his intended has already mated with another. Looking for real love and someone to accept him for what he is, Frey enlists in Madame Evangeline’s popular dating service. Although he does not understand the concept of a one-night stand, he hopes to find his perfect mate.

Carrie Cooper’s husband divorced her for someone who could provide him with children, leaving her with little self-confidence and no desire to let a man hurt her again. Her best friend convinces her to join a dating service, claiming Carrie needs to get laid, while not winding up with a broken heart since her date requires no commitment after the night is over.

Although several misunderstandings nearly derail them before the date has even begun, Carrie and Frey end up becoming closer than they ever believed possible. Still, Frey will need to convince Carrie that her perfect mate isn’t human at all, and that one night can lead to a forever love.


Celestial Seduction was a super quick read that I got through in about an hour. Jessica did a good job of giving decent back story that was pertinent without prolonging the story line.With a story this short I found it a bit hard to invest in the characters emotions so I read it completely on a superficial level. Having said that I did find it well wrote and easy to read. The writing was fluid and constant. I found no lagging parts, not that it was long enough for that.

The story is the extremely quick relationship between Carrie and Frey. Having met through a dating service set up for one night stands. Do those exist? Is it weird that I’m pretty sure I would want nothing to do with that? I dunno. Even with a ton of research into each person, still seems kind of skeevy. Carrie is nervous, understandably, because her last sexy encounter involved her husband. Now divorced she just needs to blow off some steam, but isn’t sure she can go through with a one night stand.

Frey is an alien. Yes. An alien. His “promised mate” did him wrong and so he has decided earth women are better. So in the midst of their one night he not only solves Carrie’s “I can’t get preggo” problems with his magic hands. But he also tells her he’s an alien. Now I like to think I have an open mind  but this gives a whole other dimension to interracial dating. Carrie doesn’t seem to mind his admission and eagerly continues the date after his truthful speech. Huh? No questions? That was odd to me. Oh you’re an alien? Sweet, now do me with your noduled penis! I would have liked a least a bit a balking on Carrie’s part to make it a bit more believable.

Other then that issue I found the novella fun. It’s definitely a fluffy read but it’s good. The sex is well wrote and I found it engaging. The ending is neatly given to the reader with a bow on top. Completely predictable but with a novella it generally is. If you’re looking for something to make your lunch hour in the break room a bit more fun..this is the read for you. Sci Fi, quirky, fun and sexy, Celestial Seduction is a novella you need to read.

I give Celestial Seduction by Jessica E Subject 3.50 stars!

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