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Good morning everyone! Today I have a treat for everyone. I have the amazing Thea Harrison with us today. Thea writes my new most favoritest series, Elder Races! I fell in LOVE with Dragos in Dragon Bound…then I swooned over Tiago in Storm’s Heart! Both men are exactly what I love… know what it is…..ALPHAS!!!!! Oh boy do I love a alpha that acts more animal then man.

I think my favorite thing about this series is that Thea combines extremely descriptive writing with action scenes (both in and out of the bedroom) that are so just so well wrote they make you feel like you’re right there in the middle of it. Hey….I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of Dragos and Tiago….heh.

So let’s welcome Thea! SQUEAL!!!


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Hi Nikki, thank you so much for having me again! I’m excited to be here today.


1. What do you think is the biggest difference between Dragos and Tiago?

Terrific question! Dragos and Tiago have a lot in common. They are both alpha males and used to the power and autonomy of command. Their Wyr natures are predatory too, and neither one is afraid of conflict.


I think the biggest difference between them lies in the fact that Tiago is able to embrace drastic change more easily than Dragos. Tiago is also capable of thriving in a supporting role. Dragos is the kind of alpha leader that might be able to delegate and step back to let others take the reins of a particular responsibility or task, but all of that is within the understanding that he is very much in charge.


2. While writing Storm’s Heart did you model Tiago after anyone?

Two things influenced me as I created Tiago. The first was watching the actor Dwayne Johnson (“the Rock”) in action. Not only is Dwayne Johnson smoking hot, but he’s actually pretty scary looking when he looks mad. The second thing that influenced me—at least that I’m aware of—was reading snippets about thunderbird mythology. At one point I read a passage that stated thunderbirds were “wrathful” and quick to war. It stuck with me.


Actually, I could tie this back to your first question too. Neither Tiago nor Dragos would shy away from conflict, and both have a talent for tactics and strategy. But Tiago would be quicker to the fight than Dragos would. Dragos is more of a global thinker. Dragos might not be talented at diplomacy but he recognizes it has a necessary part of inter-demesne survival and he makes effective use of it in others. On the other hand, Tiago is not at all interested in diplomacy and he only puts up with it when he has to.


3. Niniane is such a huge opposite from Tiago. Do you think opposites attract?

I think opposites can and do attract, but it’s a dangerous road. For me, one of the reasons why Niniane and Tiago work, despite the fact that they are so different from each other, is because they develop a shared sense of mission. Niniane and Tiago end up with the best of both worlds, all the exoticism of having mate that is so different from oneself coupled with a strong common purpose. They also discover that they have compatible needs. Niniane is well aware that she needs a protector, and Tiago has a protective streak a mile wide.


4. Dragos and Tiago are very “in your face” while Rune is more subtle. When we see his book is he going to become more like Dragos and Tiago, or is he different all around?

Serpent’s Kiss, which is Rune’s story, has a different dynamic from Dragon Bound and Storm’s Heart. Rune is more easy-going than Dragos or Tiago. Rune is also usually more adept at finding peaceful resolutions to conflict, which is one of the reasons why he is Dragos’s First sentinel. Not only is Rune a different character from Tiago and Dragos, but the heroine of book three, Carling, is different from either Pia or Niniane, darker and spikier.


5. Speaking of stories…can you tell us who will be the next main character or when it will be released?


I’m working on book four right now, which is currently entitled Oracle’s Moon and is scheduled for March 6th, 2012. Oracle’s Moon is the first story with two main characters outside of the Wyr demesne, Grace and Khalil. The reader gets a first glimpse of Khalil in a cameo appearance in Storm’s Heart, and both Grace and Khalil are in Serpent’s Kiss. A teaser for their story is scheduled for the back of Serpent’s Kiss in October.


Thanks for the great questions. I’ve had a lot of fun visiting with you today!


Thank you so much for coming by today Thea! It’s always awesome chatting with you about your writing. I’m definitely hooked! Storm’s Heart just released, so go get your copy! Up next in the Elder Races series…..Serpent’s Kiss due out this fall!


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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us today. I love author interviews and I admit your books sounds awesome!

  2. I loved both of these books and one thing I can say about this series is just when you think you’re never going to meet a more perfect hero than the one you’re reading about…along comes another! I’ll admit to being greedy because I want all the Wyr to be mine! Bwahaha!

  3. I’m still waiting for Amazon to ship my copy that I pre-ordered months ago. They are not on my friends list at the moment.

  4. I have read both books and loved them both. Can’t wait for Rune’s story and when will Graydon get his own book? Soon I hope.

  5. I’m telling everyone to read this series. It’s officially one of my favorites! A must buy from now on! Keep up the fantastic work Thea 🙂

  6. I love the series….it is great….Serpent’s Kiss and Oracle’s Moon…already pre-ordered. BTW…anyone know the name of the model on the cover of Serpent’s Kiss?

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