100,000 views GIVEAWAY!

Wow, I can barely believe it myself, but I have made it to 100,000 views! I am amazed and I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by my blog for the reviews, the contests and yes…even the hot guys. Ok, I know most of you probably come for the hot guys. No lying, you know you do. You horndogs!

The path to the present has been wound with lots of long nights reading, many interviews with authors and tons of emails where I sat around and chewed my nails off waiting for a reply. I have made so many friends its unbelievable. The network of bloggers, authors and readers is extensive and always there for me if I need something. The comradrie is so powerful with you ladies it’s nearly unbelievable.

For a little thank you for the phenomenal first year in which I have had…I’d like to have a little contest.  You know me…Im a total giver. Unless you’re this guy, in which case you need to give me a little…or big..sumthin sumthin…

Hey! Stop staring! Do you want to hear about the contest or not? Yes yes the glutes are amazing I know….and the dimples. Yes, there are dimples there too, stop looking at his ass for a minute and glance up. There they are!  *Sigh* you ladies are incorrigible. Back to the contest…..

Here is what I have for you…there are several different things you can win. First up is for all the kindle/nook owners. I will offer $10 for whatever ebooks you want at any retailer you want as long as I can pay with US money. *Open Internationally*

I’m not done..stop staring at buns of steel up there! ATTENTION HERE PLEASE! The second winner will be getting ARCs of the following two books, Open to Us & Canada:


1. With No Remorse by Cindy Gerard

2. Vanished In The Night by Eileen Carr



Here is what you need to do to enter. Simply tell me which (or both) contests you would like to enter to win. Then you must leave me a way to contact you if you win.

I will leave this contest open until 11:59pm EST on August 14th. Winners will be announced on the 15th (hopefully lol).

Good Luck and THANK YOU!!


  1. Congrats on reaching that milestone. You must be very happy about that. I would love to enter to win the GC.

    jen at delux dot com

  2. That is an amazing numbers!! (Distracted by the lovely man!!!!) I would love to enter for the ARC’s thank you!!


  3. Please enter me in both contests please 🙂 Ok now I’m going to go back to drooling over that guys dimples 😛


  4. That is a big number but lets see if we can’t double it by the end of the year !


    If the giveaway is open worldwide, I would love to be entered for the ARCs.


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

    I Follow via GFC

  5. I would love to enter for both please. The picture is very hot. Thanks for the contest and the picture.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  6. Congratulations on the 100,000 + views 🙂 I for one have enjoyed following and have had loads of fun. Thank you for sharing the joy with this treat of a give away. I am a greedy girl and love a giveaway and would be happy with either prize LOL Good wishes for continued success !


  7. Congrats, WOW 100,000!! That is AWESOME!! I’d LOVE to win either ~~ Haven’t read either ARC, and yeah, I’m always loading books on the Kindle, so would love the GC!!


  8. Congratulations on reaching 100,000 views! I hope you get many many more. I would like to be entered for both giveaways. Thank you for celebrating with us.

  9. Congrats!! Thanks for the lovely pic, those glutes have been permanently imprinted into my mind. Which is a beautiful thing.
    Please enter me in both contests


  10. Congrats on the over 100,000 views! That is great. I would def like to be entered in both contests please. Thank you so much and I hope the next year is even better for you!

  11. Congrats on a 100,000 views. And I’d like to enter for the Arcs only. Thanks for the opportunity and the hot looking guy with the dimples. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. Congrats:):) And it’s not just the hot guys that make me stop *wink*
    Can you enter me in both please:):)


  13. I would love to win either giveaway. You are so generous. If I was forced by the big strong man with the butt dimples…sorry, got off track for a minute. If I could only choose one it would be the ARCs. I don’t know why but I just love reading ARCs. I have only had 2 but they both made me feel all warm and tingly. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 100,000 views.

  14. Loved, loved, loved the eye candy. Whenever I see anyone with tattoos, I always wonder how they’ll look when they’re 65.

    Please enter my name into both contests.



  15. I stop by less often, sorry about that Nikki have less time these last few months for my own blog and hardly any for others. 🙁
    Congratulations not entering just wishing you well and that photo was the highlight of my day so far, very nice back view what happened to the front one? 🙂

  16. Congratulations on all the views! I would love to entered in the gift card contest.

    Thank you!

    megonski216 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. Hey WTG, Nikki, big congrats! I would love to win the gc for my Kindle.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

    Okay, going back to oggling your very fine man flesh, lol.

  18. Congratulations on 100,000 views! 🙂
    I would love to be entered for the gift card, please!
    That tattoo is wicked!! You almost don’t notice it, though, because of the dudes cute butt 😉


  19. Congrats! I would love to be entered into both contests please. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  20. Congrats on 100,000 views.
    And thanks for sharing that pic **drools**
    Please enter me in both giveaways.

  21. Congrats on being AWESOME! Thanks for the great reviews and the hot men! YOU ROCK! Enter me for both contests please 🙂


  22. I would like to be entered into both please! Great giveaway and Congrats on passing this milestone!


  23. Congrats on the 100,000+ views!!

    I would love to be entered for both prizes, thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


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