Daring by Dee Davis (A-Tac #3.5)


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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Grand Central

My Copy: Netgalley

As the former medical officer for A-Tac, an elite CIA unit masquerading as faculty at an Ivy League college, Lara Prescott saved many lives. But the memory of the one person she couldn’t save has brought her back into harm’s way-and into the sights of a formidable adversary . . .

Lara thought working a world away would heal her. Yet volunteering to treat the sick and injured in revolution-torn central Africa can’t stop the shattering memories of losing the man she loved. A night with sexy security officer Rafe Winters seems the perfect temporary escape-until insurgents attack her clinic and Rafe becomes her only way to survive . . .

Rafe knows all too well that this beautiful young doctor is the insurgents’ real target: Her knowledge of America’s espionage system makes her a valuable prize. Helping her flee jeopardizes his hidden agenda-but her unexpected trust in him sparks a desire to protect her that he can’t ignore. Now as their merciless pursuers close in, Rafe and Lara’s only chance for escape will put everything they’ve sworn to protect-and their newfound love-on the line . .


Daring was my very first book by Dee Davis. Yes I know it’s the middle of the A-Tac series, but I find novellas to be a good place to start when looking at new to me authors. I found this one to be highly engaging. I loved the location of the jungle and the mercenary element involved. I’m a sucker for a mercenary. I thought the novella moved along quite nicely and gave me a full insight into the entire series, not only this particular addition. There was great interaction between characters and even though it was a fast evolvement I didn’t feel really rushed to connect.

I thought Rafe and Lara were great together. I liked how Dee gave us the opportunity to know about Rafes feelings and how they weren’t something that happened just then. It was a slow simmer over a long period of time. I hurt for Lara because she obviously hadn’t gotten over her fallen boyfriend Jason. I have been there and moving on is so very difficult. So I understood her “wanting” to move on but being unable to. I thought Rafe showed great patience with her and that made me like his character even more.

The action involved in the plot was well thought out and it moved the short novella along nicely. It didn’t really allow for any downtime. The outcome was well done and I liked the epilogue at the end for closure.

If this novella is any indication of the rest of the A-Tac series, it looks like my wallet is going to be hurting because I definitely want more!

I give Daring by Dee Davis 3.75 stars

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