An Enchanted Season- Anthology

An Enchanted Season AnthologyAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance Anthology

Publisher: Penguin

My Copy: Library

Reviewer: Nikki

Here, for the first time, is a collection of paranormal romances celebrating the holidays as never before. From a shape-shifting leopardess who wants a packmate to be her soulmate to a snowstorm that brings a surprise gift, these all-new tales by Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, and Jean Johnson will stir your spirit in all the right places.

I picked this book up from the library for a few reasons. Mainly winter is coming, and with it my bah humbug attitude. I can feel it in my bones. Yes, I am 90 years old. To help get me through the season I seek out holiday heartwarming reads. Chicken Soup for Nikki’s soul, if you will. I also picked it up because I had heard wonderful things about Nilini Singh and my library didn’t have any of her work other than this anthology. My library isn’t the best. I need to live in a bigger county.

There are four short stories included in this anthology. Each is an extremely quick, happy read. They will each make you smile and wish to see snow falling around you while angels sing Christmas tunes in your presence.  Whatever bah humbug attitude you open the book in will vanish like magic and be replaced with images of sexy men under mistletoe. Yes, the stories are pretty much just as sappy as those previous couple of lines. That’s okay though because they accomplished what they were supposed to accomplish, which is make Nikki smile.

If you are looking for something quick and easy with hints of paranormal then this is something you would like.  Be prepared to blow through it in one or two sittings. So grab your cup of cocoa, curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket and enjoy some holiday goodness.

I give An Enchanted Season 3 stars


  1. Nikki, read it a while back this summer when I needed a “Holiday Fix” in the Texas heat… I liked a couple of them and gave it about the same rating 3 stars as none of them were world class stories by such well known authors…..

    jackie ^_^

  2. Yes, I agree. Though when I go into a book with more then 2 stories my expectations aren’t usually more then, enjoyable. I would say out of the four I liked Maggie Shayne and Erin McCarthy’s the best, which were the first two stories. I will have to try something else by Nalini to get the full spectrum of the greatness I hear on Twitter lol.

    1. I feel the same way, enjoyed McCarthy’s the best and right after that got the 2 books off my TBR shelf that have of hers to read and put them up to read sooner! Singh, you have to develop a taste for… Like LKH, Feehan, Lora Leigh and few more she is an “Acquired Reading Taste”!

      jackie ^_^

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