Maid For it by Lucy Rodgers

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Type: Erotic novella

Publisher: self pub

My Copy: sent

In fear for her life after witnessing a powerful drug lord gun down two rivals, Gabriela Marquez flees Sinaloa for the safety of the United States. No sooner does she arrive, however, than she’s arrested and threatened with immediate deportation unless she agrees to work for Maid for It, a company providing specialty housekeeping services to high-end clients. Gabi soon realizes the “specialty” services she must provide will be of a sexual nature. She should refuse, but she can’t risk deportation. Prostitution is preferable to death.

Her first assignment is in the home of Benjamin Hardcastle, a wealthy and reclusive computer security expert. He’s also Maid for It‘s most exacting client. Determined to please the heretofore unpleasable Mr. Hardcastle, Gabi keeps her past a secret. If he discovers the truth—that she’s been coerced into the role of sexual slave—he’ll send her away.

But what begins as a unwelcome obligation becomes an awakening to the incredible pleasures of domination, bondage, and submission. As Gabi discovers she truly is “made for it,” her secret looms larger, threatening her survival in an entirely unexpected way.

Maid For It was an extremely well wrote, very erotic, awesomely fast read! I really liked this one a lot! I managed to read it all in one shot, which everyone knows is hard for me to do. I tend to need to step away for a bit while reading something. Even with novellas. This particular one was so hot I couldn’t put it down! When it was over I wanted more even…

Gabi’s life has just taken a complete nosedive. Having witnessed a murder by a drug lord, she fled to the US to save her life. Instead she ended up working for a maid service that requires a bit more “service” then just cleaning. Maid For It requires their girls to do anything their wealthy clients want. Gabi doesn’t really have much of a choice. This imperfect situation is better than dying.

She quickly learns however that what is asked of her by Ben Hardcastle is completely new and foreign to her. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t willing to be a quick study. Ben is her only chance at life so Gabi will be his willing submissive. No matter how much his fun room may terrify her.

Yikes, this novella definitely packed a punch. There was so much smexy goodness I think at one point I melted onto the floor in a sweaty puddle off my office chair. Yes I totally read this at work. Heh. I won’t get into trying to put on a work face when people came in my office. The thought “If they only knew what I was reading right now….” crossed my mind often.

With a novella, especially an erotic novella it is sometimes hard to get a decent story line in there. I often feel like I’ve turned on a porn in my head when reading them. With Maid For It I instantly felt for Gabi’s situation. Sex with a bajillionaire is much better then death certainly, but still, being put in the predicament is difficult. It certainly helped that Ben showed glimpses of feeling during their dirty dirty smex sessions. While being a submissive is totally not my thang, I can read about it and understand the position of those whose it is. I even LIKE reading about it. Even if being called a whore still makes me cringe. The game is still fun. was HAWT. The things he could do, while probably completely over the top (who can give a woman 5 orgasms in a row) were totally drool worthy. I liked his ability to be dominate while still not hurting Gabi…well mostly…in any way. He was completely confident and that just made me want him more.

The ending was a bit confusing simply because I don’t really get that submissive/dominate world. I don’t see how you can turn it on and off. Perhaps you can. It just seems to me that you couldn’t be in a true relationship with one of these people. How could you ever have a conversation? Do daily activities? It’s great to read about. I’m sure there are lots of people who enjoy these things. I enjoy them from afar. I just don’t think I could function in a relationship like that. Perhaps an occasional thing…..

Maid For It was a pleasant surprise to me and I think it will be for you too. Filled with erotic situations and a plot line that crosses some barriers, I really enjoyed this novella. Beware, if you don’t like walking that line between consensual and….not….well this one wouldn’t be for you.

I give Maid For It by Lucy Rodgers 4 stars!


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