Facebook, Twitter, Myspace Oh My…

This is the age of social media. If you didn’t already know this, then please climb out from under your rock and pay attention.You have apparently missed the last five years.

Several years ago I made a Myspace account at the urging of some friends. Within weeks I had been sucked into the void and had become obsessed with music, backgrounds and updating my status. I connected with a ton of people from high school..even the ones I really had no urge to EVER reconnect with. Why is it that people I hated in high school always find me? As with everything, after a while, it got played out.

My ex, of all people, convinced me to come over to Facebook. Promising me less spam, actual adults and better games. So kicking and screaming I made an account over there. I will admit that I miss being able to change my background like on Myspace. I kinda enjoyed being original in my background and song choice. I don’t miss people putting so much crap on their page that it wouldn’t load. Seriously people, were you not aware that a moving background, five videos, some cartoons and a song player wouldn’t overload other people’s computers?

Today you can hardly turn on the tv anymore without seeing Facebook plastered on there for some reason or another. There’s even a movie about it now. Between privacy issues and Big Brother, something is always going down.


Twitter was something I joined a few months ago to follow my workout mentor @ChaleneJohnson. Then my awesome cousin @JulieALindsey decided to get on and pursue a writing career. I love Twitter because I’m weird about my Facebook. I shall explain. I am very strict about who I approve on my Facebook page. I don’t friend people I don’t know. I have pictures of my kids on there, it’s a privacy thing. I rarely “like” things either, with the exception of a few celebrities or music groups. My page is on lockdown unless your on my list. Twitter is awesome to have for everyone else. Not that I think my followers are creepers, HA, but a girl has to be careful these days. I don’t think its smart to post where you are at that very moment and I take my kids privacy very seriously. You will never see me twittering : “Hey everyone! I’m at McDonald’s on Cleveland Ave come say hello…oh and kidnap me…PLZ RT” (oh, PLZ RT means please re-tweet to all you non Twitter people). Seriously though, where else can I follow a squirrel and something called the “fart machine”. No where.

Now, I have checked my Myspace maybe once since last year. Actually, I may have deleted it. That’s how long it’s been. I got rid of all those pesky high school people I never wanted on my list in the first place in doing so. I am on Facebook and Twitter everyday. I love talking to people. And now I have this blog to play around with too. Without social media you would never get traffic to your blog either. It all starts with Facebook and Twitter. You can network, chat and connect with people from all walks of life.  But this much social media takes a big chunk of time. Want people to read your book? Gotta promote it. Want people to come to your blog? Gotta promote it. Want to keep in touch with relatives and friends? Gotta check your email and Facebook. I can’t imagine how writers especially, have time to do everything. My fabulous cousin isn’t even published yet but she is doing guest blogs, her blog, creating a web presence, writing AND being a full-time mom. I can only imagine being under a deadline as well. I have a hard time some days and honestly, I’m pretty sure no one would miss me if I disappeared for a couple of days. I don’t though. It’s an addiction. I guess it’s better than crack….

Then there is LinkedIn, Google Connect, Yahoo crap…the list goes on and on. It isn’t going anywhere either. I suggest just jumping in and treading water…hope your legs don’t tire easy.


  1. Great post! Yes, social media seems to be taking over our lives. Though I would include blogs on the list, too! Part of it all (the adult part) is about getting your name out there and getting yourself to show up on Google searches, and then being able to update the people who are interested in you about what’s going on in your life. Those are the main reasons I joined Facebook and Twitter, started my own blog and started leaving my comments on blogs rather than just reading the posts.

    And good point about old high school friends – it’s true, there are some people who friended me because we went to the same school and have some friends in common, but seriously? I hardly know them at all! As to friending someone you never heard of – why on earth would anyone do that??

  2. Love this post!
    I didn’t even have a computer a year ago (our home one had been dead for about two years.) I had two books written completely on to-do list pads (lots of them) and decided it was time to do something about it. So…
    Got a laptop, Wi-Fi, and then an iPod Touch. Typed my books into the computer, then typed one more, and now two additional on their way. Started researching publishing. Discovered a Facebook App and then a Twitter App; thought, why not?
    Now spend far too much time on Twitter, my blog, Facebook, other blogs, email….. and at the heart of it all is my iPod (I love that little baby!) It can do anything except diaper my baby, although it does entertain them during the diapering process.
    But I’m with you; Facebook is reserved for personal stuff and Twitter is where the fun happens. I can kill so much time on Twitter! Love it!
    Thanks for the fun post!

  3. Esther…Yes if you have a blog they do take up a certain amount of time…like all of it, lol. I’m constantly writing on mine and when I’m not I’m THINKING about what I am writing about tomorrow. Though most of the time I honestly have no clue till I sit down and stare at the screen for awhile. And oh lordy if I want to change the background *sigh*…that’s a all day event right there.

    Julie G…wow you were more behind the times then I was. I’m the type of person that only gets new things about 2 yrs after they come out and they are no longer cool LOL I wish I had a Ipod..maybe if I did I would go jogging…probably not but oh well I can say that until I get one…which will be never….

    Julie L….Im going to disregard the fact that you said the video was “dope”, fresh prince…lol

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