Summer Shorts Anthology

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Type: Sweet Romance Short Stories

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

My Copy: Sent For Review

Summer Shorts is a collection of light romantic reads about love, life and endless summer nights.
With everything from a first kiss, to the rekindling of a long marriage, there is something for everyone. Beaches, cruises and summer days, perfect for tucking into your beach bag or your e-reader, and heading off to lie in the sun, bask in the warm breezes, and dream….








Authors and Stories:

Declarations of Dependence by Margaret Ethridge
Best Friends by Suzanne Barrett
Retrieving Hope by Bobbye Terry
Beach Towel by Grace Greene
Fireworks by Julie Anne Lindsey
The Green House by Amie Denman
Old Devil Moon by Bobbye Terry
Surf’s Up by Krista Ames

Summer Shorts is a collection of super short, easy to read, sweet romances. As with any anthology, there were hits and misses but overall I found this to be quite enjoyable. I find sweet romance to be a welcome genre when I am simply looking to feel a bit nostalgic. I like these because they make me feel like I did when I first started dating. That rush of emotions when you first make eye contact. The first kiss and how there are explosions inside your head when your lips touch theirs. It’s not down and dirty…that comes later heh. Sweet romance is about budding relationships.

There were a couple of these short stories that really stood out to me. First was “Declarations Of Dependence” by Margaret Ethridge. Being the first story in the book, it hooked me. I loved the characters of Ellie and Jack. Ok, it totally helped that jack was a FBI agent. This one was well wrote and it plopped you down in the middle of an ongoing story. I like the idea of basically peeking into these peoples lives for just a sec. It ended well and the only thing I was left with was wanting more.

Beach Towel by Grace Greene was also very good. I liked the concept of a scorned bride and the best man hooking up. I thought Jay was an excellent catch for poor Carrie. I instantly felt for Carrie having found out her husband to be was hooking up with a bridesmaid. Jay following her to her hideout was cute and his persistence even cuter. By the end of it I was hoping for the best with those two.

Old Devil Moon by Bobbye Terry was an excellent addition. I tend to like country music stars and this one gave me some insight into one. I enjoyed Peyton and Joe together. Both had been through the same ordeal and so healing was something they had in common. I felt for Peyton who had recently lost her husband. Sometimes when you’re not looking is when you find something important.

Fireworks by Julie Ann Lindsey. You all know I have to talk about this one. My dear cousin wrote it and I will be honest, I may have squeeee’d a little when I saw her name on the front and then when I saw it on the page. I am used to getting these things in my email to read you see. I’m so incredibly proud of her. Fireworks gives us Lacy and Harrison. Two people from a world apart who connect on a cruise ship and find out the world isn’t as big as it seems. Harrison is from South Africa and we all know I’m a accent whore- so I enjoyed him immensely. I liked Lacy because she was a career driven woman who was caught completely off guard by this man. I thought it was original and I was sad it was so short…no worries though…she has full novella’s coming in a few months. *wink wink*

Summer Shorts is a great anthology that is totally worth it for you to pick up. At the end of the book there are also excerpts from all the authors upcoming novellas/novels was nice to have. I will be looking for some of these authors in the future.

I give Summer Shorts Anthology 3.50 stars!


  1. Hi Niiks!!! Wow. After 2 years of reading all my pages in Word, finally I send you something published for feedback! SO glad you enjoyed it. So glad you’re you and awesome and M-I-N-E Bestie for-evahhhhh *I am a lucky girl* Snoopy dance.
    Thanks for the lovely review!!!

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