Julie A Lindsey Guest Post- Summer Luvin’

Summer Luvin’

Summer is wrapping up for us out here in the Midwest. School is starting and the nights are cooler. It’s bittersweet because while I adore the fall in Ohio, summer has a special place in my heart too. Seeing it go is like letting out a deep breath I’ve held for three months straight. To me, summer is the best time to fall in love, and I’m all about falling in love.

Summer means tans and board shorts and shirtless ball players. Stereos with extra base and vineyards lit with twinkle lights. I might write sweet romance, but I promise you I have a great imagination. I have a vivid and sometimes embarrassing imagination, actually.  I also admit to being a bit of a creeper when Hubsy’s pushin the mower come July. Oo-lah-lah.
*cough* You see, I get off on tangents easily.

My very best summer memories came wrapped in romance, rolled in fresh cut grass and peppered with butterflies. I don’t mean the kind of butterflies who hatch from cocoons. I’m talking about the butterflies who hatch in your tummy when the hottest guy you have EVER seen stops dead in his tracks to smile at you. I mean the butterflies that kick up into your chest when he takes his first step in your direction, when his smile broadens and a dimple caves in on one side. The butterflies that haze up your brain when his voice comes out an octave lower than you imagined and he utters that first “Hey.”

OMG! You see, I get all worked up thinking about it. I love summer. The smell of a grill tosses me back a decade at a time. I see fireflies and fireworks and love. How many times have I spent days on a love bender, replaying the touch, scent, kiss of a new romance? Too many and totally not enough! My favorite summer romance story: Sandra Dee. Can you even imagine? My heart rate spikes as I think of her meeting this too-die-for dreamboat of a fella, and the way she must’ve floated around all summer in anticipation of his next touch. *Sigh* Then, back at school she discovers her summer lover wears black leather and rides a bike? *Sa-woon* I want to toss a wrist over my forehead and fall off my couch every single time.  Just for fun, here’s how that turned out for Miss Poodle Skirt:


What can I say? In the summer, everything is fair, everyone is fair game and anything is possible.
The Summer Shorts Anthology from Turquoise Morning Press is filled with short sweet summer reads. This little book oozes romance. You can find all kinds of summer escapades in there and I might have written one of them myself   My short is Fireworks and it’s a tiny burst of romance, a little ‘what if,’ a taste of ‘anything can happen.’ I hope you enjoyed it Nikki! Thanks for inviting me over. I plan to return again and again and…what? I like it here. *wink*

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I’m a mama, wifey, reader, writer blogger, hopelessly addicted to YA, caffeine, social media and Poptarts. You can find me lurking around the Internet at all hours amped up on coffee & wielding a book.  I’m also the author of an upcoming romance series Seeds of Love for the Turquoise Morning Press & the Killer Confections Saga at kNight Romance.  I’m blogging my journey to publication at Musings from the Slush Pile, (http://blog.juliealindsey.com/) where I share writing tips, author interviews, personal experience, and industry news.
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  1. Julie- super awesome knocked it out of the park post! *spirit fingers* can’t wait to crack this baby open!! The Midwest is where the lovin’ is! Much love from your twit bestie! *blows a kiss*

  2. Now I’ve got that little ditty from Grease playing in my head. Yeah. Summer-*sighs*. Nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass and fireflies at twilight. Looking forward to reading the ‘Shorts’.

  3. I love Summer Shorts! It was my very first Kindle download! ;D Your summer comments have me sighing and dreaming of my own summer excapades and shenanigans. Yum.

    Yay for this post, so well written you had me strolling around in your summer world. Loved it, ready to be invited back again! *Will keep my eyes averted from grass-cutting hubs, though! LOL! Happy, HAPPY Monday!!

    ~Valerie H.

  4. I love your vivid descriptions, Julie! This post transported me back to the summer when I was 25, when I met my fiance and yes…he smiled and had dimples. That did it for me! I remember that feeling of excitement and possibility and the summer heat. And I LOVE twinkle lights and fireworks!! The Summer Shorts anthology sounds like a wonderful escape

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