Studenstein by Daisy Harris (Love Bots #2)


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Type: Erotic Novella

Publisher: Elloras Cave

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A man built for sex… A woman who wants more… Freedom fighter Shani Brown is determined to drag the ungrateful Royce back to her team in Seattle. Despite his denial of mistreatment, she wants to give him a chance at a better life. Due to her horrific past as an unlicensed love-bot, Shani never plans to have sex again. But Royce’s makers punish him remotely with crippling pain. His only escape is to orgasm. Never one to turn her back on a job, Shani soon finds herself servicing him—and soon after, caring for him. Love-bot Royce Harden wasn’t looking to be rescued, especially not from the San Francisco BDSM club where he was having a perfectly good time. But rescued he was—by a hellcat bent on delivering him to her people. As Royce starts to trust Shani, he begins to dream of freedom. But freedom comes with a price. Royce must face his vanity, his makers, and even the loss of his sexual upgrades if he’s going to be the man Shani deserves.


Studenstein is the exciting sequel to Daisy Harris’ new undead series, Love-Bots. I eagerly gobbled this book up in less then two hours and loved very dirty second of it!

Royce loves being a love bot. Why wouldn’t he? I mean he gets to do naughty naughty things with all kinds of like minded dirty people. That’s why he was built. He’s happy. Until Shani, his golden skinned Goddess walks into the bar and catches his eye. Oh, he’s not ready to be free but he certainly wants to get horizontal…and vertical….and every which way but loose with this stubborn stein.

Shani isn’t there to get down…although it has crossed her mind. Her past in similar to Royce’s although she never liked what she was made to do in those dirty hotel rooms. Now, sex-shy she only wants to show Royce he can be free, but the dumb stein keeps resisting her! When Royces maker activates his debilitating software Shani is left with no choice but to tend to his “needs”.

Studenstein is an awesome edition to the erotic novella world that Elloaras Cave has become infamous for! It’s incredibly fast paced and sexy and full of wow! Royce is hard (heh yes, I know I know) and tough and even though he doesn’t quite understand everything going on around him, highly intelligent. I love how Daisy portrays the steins as programmed but they seem to evolve on their own over time. They learn and grow in intelligence quickly even though they were never meant to. They have feelings.

I highly enjoyed Shani and her ability to overcome her abusive past. I felt bad for the perversity of the humans that were building men and women for the sole purpose of sexual release. I mean, seriously, how desperate for sex are these people? Shani had been used and abused so of course she was skittish with the emotions Royce was awakening in her. I liked her snarky and hard ass attitude that concealed her vulnerability around him. Her quick wit comebacks had me chuckling constantly. Together Royce and Shani are two undead sex bots on a mission – Get Royce off before his programming puts him on the sidelines. Using some, uh, inventive positions they get the job done and Shani slowly opens up to her own sexuality again.

I love Daisy and her sex scenes! Her knowledge of medical conditions and hours of watching porn (heh) for ideas definitely show in each work she produces. She comes up with some crazy stuff. Stuff that sends me straight to Google going “whaaaa? Is that possible?” Every book I read of hers just gets better. I know I’ve said it before, but Daisy is my go-to erotic author. I’ve never been disappointed with her novellas. Someday I hope she will write a full length as I’d love to see what she would do with more time. More evolvement. More action. And of course…MORE SEX!

I give Studenstein by Daisy Harris 4.25 stars!



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