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So this morning I woke up “tagged”. That sounds kind of sexy…maybe a bit S&M. It’s not. The fabulous Julie A Lindsey has decided to pass on a chain type blog post to me. I’ll have to thank her later. In the form of my hand upside the back of her head. *Muah* Julie I LOVE YOU! Heh. Like the good sport that I am though, I whipped this up in a few minutes for your reading pleasure. 10 things you don’t know about me. Yeah, I know you’ve always wondered more about me….don’t lie.

So here we go…I know you’re as overjoyed as I am 🙂




1. I grew up an only child with a single mom. I do have 2 half brothers and 1 half sister. I’ve only met one of them.

2. Up until I was 12 I lived with my mom, grandma and grandpa…then my grandparents divorced and my mom and I got our own apt.

3. My husband is probably the bestest guy ever and my best friend. Loving, Understanding and Forgiving. I love him.I’m not easy to live with.

4. I could watch hours upon hours of local news….in fact I do. Morning, Afternoon. Evening. Pretty much every day.

5. I constantly have “what would happen if I did this….” moments in my brain. They often result in me saying something inappropriate or hitting someone in my thoughts…..I love those. Which is probably why I tend to always be smiling. I’m thinking of ways I could take someone down. 🙂

6. People ask me what my favorite book of all time is a lot. I always think….”tell me who your favorite child is. Oh you can’t? Yeah, it’s like that”….

7. I like Twilight. Constipated face and sparkling body and all. Julie and I now have a system of seeing it on the opening night. Or in the case of last year, the day after opening night b/c she didn’t listen to me and get the tickets in time.

8. I really am a country girl at heart. I’m slowly moving further and further out with each move we do until I’m sitting in a field with a bunch of my horses running around and the kids laughing from the tire swing on the 200 year old tree in the front yard..I WILL NOT BE HAPPY.

9. I am a extremely forceful driver. For your safety I suggest just getting out of my way.

10. I do not care how much Starbucks costs….I WANT MORE(this video is hilarious- he got fired, gee wonder why- but funny lol)


Now I have to pass on the fun huh?

Lush 26


Danica Avet

Daisy Harris


  1. Well, I for one enjoyed your post thoroughly LOL!! I luv that we went at midnight to a movie that came out the day BEFORE LOL and my fave is the image of y-o-u on a tire swing in Amish town. Ahhhhhh…good times. Maybe Val can come by and churcn butter. She’s actually doing that today you know? #true Muwah! xoxox

  2. heh. anyone who’s ever worked with the public in the food industry can relate to this guy. Needless to say but—I love love love love him a lot.

    Yeah…I used to work in the food industry. people are arses.

    1. Shoot, I think anyone thats worked with the public…period. I worked retail for 15 yrs and let me tell you…skinny jeans will NOT make you look skinny. And they should not be available in ALL sizes. It just ain’t pretty.

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