Lets Get This Party Started

So, I joined the ranks of the blogging people. Not by choice mind you, merely because in order for me to write (ie stalk) on my favorite authors blogs I had to sign up for one of several sites. LiveJournal was lucky enough to be first on the list of sites that I had no idea what they were. So here I am. I must say, this is a first for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am opinionated and loud and everyone knows my feelings…BUT…I do not write. Oh, I try, but Im not very good. So I will apologize in advance to anyone reading this mess that I will be calling my “blog”.  I have no idea what I will be writing about or how often. I figure my life isnt really all that interesting. Im a wife and a mother of two living in Northeastern Ohio. I mean really….OHIO…can’t get much duller then that right? We don’t have hurricanes, sand storms, earthquakes (ok, not that often) and there  is really no place for a oil spill here. We have tornados and thunder…thats it. No majestic mountains or beautiful pristine beaches. Even our local sports teams are horrible. So whats there to write about? I figure I will find something to amuse you. I plan on spilling all my secrets, reviewing the books Im currently reading (and there are a lot), talking about various jobs I do and ranting and raving about whatever I choose.  Stick around my friends…this should be a fun ride! 🙂

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