Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow (L.O.S.T #2)

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Type: Paranormal Romance/UF

Publisher: Pocket Star

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Lovers from opposite worlds reunite in Karin Harlow’s explosive, erotic new L.O.S.T. adventure. . . .

While tracking a hijacked cask of enriched uranium in Kyrgyzstan, L.O.S.T. operative Nikko Cruz is ambushed and left for dead. Which means he must be hallucinating when the only woman he ever loved—the woman he was sentenced to death for killing—comes to his rescue. Half-daemon Selena Guererro has secrets she’d kill for. The most important one, she’s already died to protect. Now she’ll do anything to keep her daughter safe. But she can’t just leave her lost love to perish. She injects Nikko with immortal blood serum, putting herself in grave danger.

When Nikko comes to, he is superhuman and super pissed. The mother of his daughter—the one he thought killed their child—is alive. He wants answers. He wants blood. And despite his best intentions, he wants Selena. He traces her to a mysterious terrorist cell where the cask has surfaced. First, he must retrieve the deadly material. Then he’ll take revenge on his beautiful ex. But when nothing goes as planned, Nikko and Selena find themselves burning with desire . . . and blowing the roof off their separate worlds, human and daemon alike.

Nikko, aka Johnny, had served his time..maybe not so much in a prison but in his own mind…going over and over again how he had killed his true love because she had killed their daughter. Years later he finds himself dying on a mountainside only to see her appear before him. Very much alive. Not sure what he saw, he only knows he awakens with what seem to be superhuman powers after the last thought of her sticking a needle in his chest comes to him.

Selena has had a hard time letting go of the past, but what is done is done. There is no going back to that small sliver of time that she was happy. Nikko thinks she is dead, her child is alive and safe but only if she has no contact. Things are as they should be. That doesn’t stop her from wanting that happiness back somewhere deep inside her. Seeing Johnny near death re-awakened something in her. He may not ever forgive her deception or understand her intention, but she can save him now.

With demons running loose, heriarchys that aren’t to be messed with and a job to do, Selena doesn’t have much choice. Nikko isn’t taking no for an answer though and he finally wants answers. Selena needs to start believing in them again…it may be the only way to save them all.


While I found the story line in Enemy Mine to be fairly unique…offering readers something that is a blend between suspense, paranormal and UF….I found it to be lacking in connection. Perhaps it’s because I had not read the first book in the series. Perhaps it was the way in which it was wrote. It had a romantic suspense feel, right down to terrorist activity, but was wrote as a paranormal. I think I prefer one or the other, not combined. Perhaps it was simply me. I found the characters of Nikko and Selena to be well wrote and individually good. I just never got on board with them being together. Karin has wrote them worlds apart, so far apart and with so much hatred on Nikko’s part that I never could see them together. Never could understand how he would forgive her of her deception, even if done for the best of reasons. I think a lot of my issues were in also the fact that it felt like so much was going on and there were a crap-ton of characters to remember. I just couldn’t keep them all straight.

Karin does a really good job with the action sequences throughout this one. Believe me when I say there are plenty to go around as well. Well thought out and detailed to bring you right into the action. Pulse pounding excitement laces many of these pages and gives you an intricate plot to unravel as you go along. I found those scenes to be highly engaging. Since I never got on board the relationship of Nikko and Selena, the heat level wasn’t there for me and the few sex scene we were given felt forced. It felt like they were only going through the motions.

While I had some issues with this one, I did enjoy the energy it provided. I would like, at some point, to go back and read the first in the series to see if that changes my experience with this one. Some series, you just have to read from the beginning. Perhaps this is one of them.

I give Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow 3 stars!


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