What A Demon Wants by Kathy Love

From Front Cover: Every good demon deserves to be a little bit wicked…

From Back Cover: A bodyguard? Why in the world would a demon need a bodyguard? Yes, it’s true Ellina Kostova is only half demon…and an author with a cult following, but that just means strange stuff happens. She isn’t in real danger. Heck, she’s in more danger from Jude Anthony, the guy her brother has hired to protect her. In big danger, actually. Because she just cannot be attracted to…well, anyone. She’s too much of a demon in bed. No, really. Jude has grown accustomed to being an outcast, adrift in both the mortal and preternatural worlds. Being a paid fighting machine isn’t glamorous, but he does it – and many other things – spectacularly well. And man does Ellina Kostova need a lot of protection. But he needs protection, too. She’s making him remember what it feels like to be human. And he’s already learned no good can come of that.

What A Demon Wants is the fourth book in Love’s series about perternaturals (aka paranormals). This story centers around Ellina, who we met in the last installment as she is Maksim’s baby sister.

Ellina has become accustomed to living on her own. Being half demon doesn’t afford her the luxury of being around crowds. People tend to freak out over red scales, tails and horns…unless it’s Halloween. Being  an author affords her a suitable cover for wanting to be alone.

Now she has what appears to be a stalker. Her house has been broken into several times, she almost get ran down in the street AND she ended up in the body of a cat for months! Her brother Maksim has way to much on his mind with his wife about to have their first baby, so he hires a babysitter..err bodyguard.

That bodyguard comes in the form of a hard muscled, straight talking, gorgeous specimen of man candy…Jude. Half vampire half werewolf, he is matched only by high level demons. He always gets what he wants and what he wants is a decent, normal life. Or as much of one as he can get. The money from this job should secure his future. Seeing Ellina for the first time Jude knows he is in deep trouble. It doesn’t take long for him to start falling for her charming, infectious attitude.

When Ellina’s stalker ups the game and attacks her in public, Jude has had enough. He won’t be going anywhere soon…unless Ellina goes with him.His carefully laid out plans for the future just took a major detour.

This book is decently short with only 238 pages. I read it in one sitting, which honestly doesn’t happen often around my house. From page one I liked Ellina, felt for her. The way her family, save Maksim, treats her made me so mad. Her attitude though was so charming, so inviting, I just had to love her. Jude is totally an alpha male. He is big and intimidating and Ellina doesn’t take any crap from him. Who doesn’t want someone like that watching their back…or their front for that matter.

As far as sex scenes this one is pretty tame with not much going on until the last part of the book. That’s okay though, the internal dialogue from the characters was extremely engaging. The conversations were witty and laced with humor. And the adversary was slightly off his rocker but nothing too devious. The only bad thing I would have to say is that the adversary wasn’t as dark as I normally like them and things seemed to wrap up extremely quickly. We find out the reason Jude is what he is, but a explanation of how isn’t really forthcoming. However everything else makes up for it ten fold. I don’t read Kathy Love for the dark, twisted psychopath…I read it for the interaction and humor. Love delivered for me yet again. It was cute, and today that’s what I needed. If you’re looking for something gritty, look elsewhere. If you want something fun, paranormal and quick, then look no further.

I give What A Demon Wants a solid 4 stars.

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