Julie A Lindsey Guest Post – Fall In Ohio

Hi Niiks!! I told you I’d be back. I love it over here at your site. I could stay for days basking in the pheromones of those Hump Day Hotties. I’ve bookmarked my favorites… Since I’m here, I want to earn my keep so you don’t throw me out. I was thinking I could encourage your readers to warm up their chilly fall nights.  I even prepared a few suggestions to help.
Fall in the Midwest is in full bloom. Everywhere I look are fallen leaves in every imaginable color. The tall white oaks are all but bare. Mums are bursting like grounded fireworks along every sidewalk. Hay bales and Indian corn and pumpkins adorn every porch. It’s absolutely gorgeous…but it’s also kinda cold. I’m sure everyone has a standard set of ways to warm up…a little hot chocolate, some hot apple pie, building the first fire of the season…maybe a cherished afghan.
I thought I’d offer a few of my favorite fall things to do.
5. Take advantage of all those men going away to stare at sports guys from a distance in the cold. Call your girlfriends and hit the local winery instead. Fall is a great time to test your taste buds and get your groove on with the girls.
4. Light up some of those delicious new candle scents I’m seeing everywhere. I bought a bunch last weekend and I swear I wanna lick em.
3. Get your favorite movie and snuggle up to your man with a bottle of the wine you picked up during girl’s night at the vineyard. Maybe light the candles again. I like when a plan comes together *cough*
2. Spend an evening outdoors. There’s something about being bundled up, watching bonfire embers climb into the night that makes a hot shower, bubble bath or warm bed so much delectable.
1. Crack open a copy of the new Men In Uniform Anthology from Turquoise Morning Press, and discover some great story tellers steaming up the pages with romantic tales to make your heart swoon. You’ll especially enjoy “Faith, Love & a Coast Guard.” That author is made of awesome. (Me. It’s me. LOL. You knew, right? Cause it is. It’s me).

There’s just something about the image of a man in the military, his strength and confidence, so regal and gallant, eyes that captivate, a body to entice…and that’s just while the uniform is ON.
*Throws wrist over forehead* *Falls on floor**Goodnight*

I am a mother of three, wife to a sane person and Ring Master at the Lindsey Circus. Most days you’ll find me online, amped up on caffeine & wielding a book.

My sweet romance novella Bloom will launch the Turquoise Morning Press’s new Honey Creek line in Jan 2012. I’ve contracted three novellas for my Seeds of Love series with TMP and will be planting those seeds throughout 2012. My humorous women’s fiction Death by Chocolate will be available for download December 2011, and it hits shelves in April 2012 as the first in my Killer Confections Saga!

I blog about books and writing at http://blog.juliealindsey.com and Tweet @JulieALindsey Say “Hi!”


  1. Heather! If we ever meet and I’m talking a little funny…you’ll know why LOL Chocolate peppermint is totes worth it 😉

    Nikki! *Waving frantically* Thanks for having me! I get so amped up about writing posts for you I make typos! They are spawned by my ENTHUSIASM for Y-O-U!

  2. Wait, candle licking??? When did you give up the pop tarts! *shakes head* I can’t take you anywhere. Sorry folks, there will be a slight delay while I shake my bestie around a bit!

    Love the post and look, just change to the title to Winter and you’ve got a new post! Minus the candle licking.

    Nikki, see you on Monday…if not sooner! Muuhhhaaahhhhaaa

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