THE INSANITY!!! Monster High Strikes Again

If you have been following my blog for a while you know the story behind this. However, I know I have some new followers, so let me recap the short version.

My daughter has asked me for these Monster High Dolls for Christmas. Since money is extremely tight this year because of hubby’s job loss, I started picking up a few things here and there back in August for this Christmas.

When I went looking for these dolls I found out they were extremely hard to find (still are actually). I spent a while looking and finally (between my mom and I) rounded up all of them except the hardest to find…Lagoona Blue. My friend helped me find that one later on, she is a undercover sleuth or something because I couldn’t find her but she did in one day!

I was ESTATIC that I had managed to get all of them and went about my business picking up other little things here and there. HAHA I beat my own personal challenge of finding them! It was an obsession. I still haven’t figured out what to get my son since all he wants is video games.

What did I find out today??? Mattel went and bent me over (and not in a good, fun way) because they just released two more dolls. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME MATTEL? DO YOU HATE ME? HAVE I SPURNED YOU IN SOME WAY?  *sigh* And of course not one store has them in stock online and the actual stores have never seen them. Oh sure Amazon has them but only at DOUBLE the actual price, which I refuse to do. Scalpers on Ebay are actually selling both of them together for $90!!! Seriously?! They are on sale for $15 a piece at Target..they don’t have them, but you get my drift. Here are the offenders:

Why oh why do I even care? I can’t explain it. It’s like a switch gets flipped in my brain and it short circuits. It repeatedly tells me “YOU MUST FIND DOLLS”. It also talks like Tarzan if you were wondering. Just trying to put into perspective what my inner voice sounds like at this moment for ya. Everything else falls away and it’s my single mission in life. Truth be told I doubt my daughter cares because I am sure she has no idea how many dolls there are. She will be over the moon with what she has. Between us (although this year will be markedly smaller) and their grandma, my kids will get  more than they should. Grandma likes to spoil with a capital S. I’m aware. Still doesn’t stop me from wanting to search every store, knock on every door, push old ladies…oh wait, not that last one. My chase mechanism has been engaged…watch out retail establishments…it would be better just to stay out of my way. Unless you find these dolls…then by all means head my way and I shall give you money. 🙂


  1. At the worst I SUPPOSE the girl could get them for her b-day which is in March….but that also doesn’t disengage my chase mode that has flipped on AGAIN b/c of this LOL. I shall not rest till I find these stupid things…

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