A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder (Harmless #6)

A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa SchroederAvailable: NOW Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

For a tough as nails Dom hunting a sadistic serial killer is nothing compared to losing his heart. 
Rome Carino is hunting a predator. One who likes to hurt submissives and the most popular BDSM club’s patrons are being targeted. With each fresh kill, he gets more brazen. Rome knows he just needs one little break, but before he can make headway, the FBI shows up. Worse, the uptight, buttoned-down Special Agent Maria Callahan suggests a plan that is dangerous, but worth it because it might just catch the killer. If Rome can keep his mind on the case and off the beautiful FBI agent, he’ll be just fine. 
Maria is still trying to step out of her legendary father’s shadow and knows just how to do it. Luring the killer by posing as Rome’s new sub seems like a good idea. That is, until undercover becomes real life and she finds herself tangled up with a man who amazes and scares her at the same time. Her growing attraction to the Honolulu Police Detective is a little too much to handle. Even knowing that, she can’t help falling in love with the tough Dom and losing herself in the games they play in the bedroom. 
Rome is overwhelmed by his need for Maria. He has never had a sub respond to him the way she does and no matter what he does, he feels himself slipping off that cliff into love. As their relationship starts to unfold, he realizes that he will do anything to win her heart, to convince her to become his sub for a lifetime. But before he can do anything, the killer turns his attention on Rome and the one thing he holds dear: Maria.


Being in the FBI is all Maria has ever known. Growing up with the top serial profiler as a father was difficult on Maria, but it forged who she is today. Now on her own and struggling to make her own place in the FBI, Maria has set her sights on a serial killer bent on being a Dom with a murderous edge. Women’s bodies, tortured and raped are turning up across the country and every time the police get involved the killer moves on. Now they are turning up in Hawaii and maria is intent on making sure she is bait he can’t ignore. All she needs is an experienced Dom to go in with her undercover and police detective Romeo Carino is just that Dom.

Rome is still recovering from finding out his partner back in Seattle was dirty…and he was sleeping with her. Not wanting to make that mistake again he wants nothing to do with the sexy FBI agent. Her plan is a good one though, he can’t deny that so he begrudgingly goes along with it. Surprisingly though Rome’s heart is awakening to every glance Maria sends his way. This Dom is about to show his new Sub what exactly BDSM entails….


A Little Harmless Submission is the sixth book in Melissa Schroeder’s Harmless series. They can all be read on their own though which is good because this is my first foray into this series. You are warned ahead of time what with book entails with this disclaimer found on Goodreads:

WARNING: The following book contains: A Dom who thinks he can do no wrong, a new sub who is about to teach him he can, palm trees, a trip or two to Rough ‘n Ready, a flirty Aussie Dom with questionable motives, old friends, and a new enemy. Yeah, it might be called Harmless, but you Addicts know it’s anything but.

But really, that only covers half of it. If you’re looking for an erotic BDSM book that provides you with sweaty, make you shift in your seat sex AND a great story line, well look no further! I instantly got hooked on this story from the get go and it held me immobile through out its entirety. Rome and Maria set the pages on fire and their banter back and forth felt human and real.  I loved the descriptive writing and never felt like I needed to be caught up to speed or that I had to read the entire series in order to understand what was going on.

Maria was hard to like at times simply because she had horrible self esteem. I understood why (being raised by a inattentive, guilt ridden father) but I seemed to want to constantly shake the woman and tell her how dumb she was being. Especially towards the end. When the killer is revealed I wanted her to fight back a bit more. I felt there could have been more wrote into the completion of the case. It seemed front and center to the story line for the majority of the book, then it took a back seat there at the end. I thought the killer would be more sadistic based on his previous actions. While I had issues with Maria’s thought processes, when she was “with” Rome…oh my…hot hot hot. I don’t doubt for a minute that Rome held back on her at times as this wasn’t as in depth as some BDSM I’ve read about. I really loved Romes cocky attitude and his yummo body! I also really liked Maria’s ability to seamlessly blend into the BDSM world. For someone who had never really done that before, her willingness to try was enlightening…for her and for the readers : )

Overall I enjoyed the flow and timing of the story as well as both main characters. Not to long, not to short and easy to read. The secondary characters, all from past books I’d assume were great together. Like a family unit. each couple unique in their own right. They definitely made me want to go pick up the other books in this series! I am officially a Harmless “addict”, sign me up for treatment!

I give A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder 4 stars! 

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