Men in Uniform Anthology

Available: Amazon/TMP

Type: Sweet Romance Short Stories

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

My Copy: Sent


The Imposter by Jennifer Johnson
String of Pearls by Margaret Ethridge
Mind Over Matter by Ruth J Hartman
Dorthea’s War by Lozi Hart
Faith, Love, & The Coastguard by Julie Anne Lindsey
Knight in Armor by Jennifer Anderson
Lightning Always Strikes Twice by Patricia Marie Warren

We admire a man in uniform, and what better way to celebrate it than a collection of stories inspired by men fighting to defend our country, and the women who love them? This sweet collection of romance spans the generations of men of valor from present day dating back to World War II.


I picked this one up when I needed something short and sweet. It did not let me down! Each story gave me something quick that was light-hearted and made me feel like I was there. Men In Uniform is an easy to read, fast book that is worth the money for sure. Anthologies can be hard for me. I find that if I’m not grabbed in the first couple of paragraphs I simply skip the story. I figure if I can’t get right into it, why bother right? They are short lived to begin with so if it ain’t right at first I don’t go further. Men in Uniform had some really great additions in it. There was only one addition that didn’t catch my attention straight away. Out of 7 stories I would say those were great odds.

There were a few authors in this one that I have only read in short novella stories so far. I really need to read a full length by Margaret Ethridge. I fall in love with her characters so easily that I can only assume would follow through into a full length. I also met a few new to me authors. I would love to read more by Jennifer Johnson. Her contribution was wrote in a lot of instant message form. I found that to be refreshing though I wondered if it would stand the test of time in the long run. Having said that I loved it now…in this time lol.

My friend Jennifer Anderson has her first release in this one as well! Congratulations to her! I loved her addition and found it to be really well written. After reading her short story, I am eagerly awaiting her longer novellas due out early next year.

Julie A Lindsey, aka my fantabulous cousin, has another short in this one. Her short focuses the National Guard division of the military. I don’t know much about that branch compared to the others so this was a welcome story for me. I’m totally biased, but I did really enjoy Faith, Love and the Coastguard.

Men In Uniform is great for the reader that just wants something quick, sweet and warmly romantic. Those that have a little thing for our men that service and those uniforms they don daily.

I give the Men In Uniform anthology 4 stars!

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