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Men in Uniform. Hmm. You want to know why women find a man in a uniform appealing. Well, I googled the question and yes, there were actual answers. Opinions mainly but I’m sure some scientist or therapist has scientifically figured out why women are attracted to a man in a uniform. Here’s my take on the situation.

When someone mentions a man in a uniform, you automatically think Army, Navy, Marines or another branch of the military. Then after 9-11 you thought of fireman or police officers. Strong, young, virile men dressed in their crisp uniforms ready to save the day. And that’s the appeal. Men coming to our rescue, saving the day all because they were duty bound. They chose to risk their lives simply because they could. They don’t ask for a thank you or a swoon worthy gaze. Nope. Not a man in a uniform. They do it because they can and they want to do the right thing.

And honestly, isn’t a man who does the right thing for a noble reason the sexist thing alive.

One answer I saw stated women are attracted to a man in a uniform because they associate a uniform with a super figure like Superman. So true except Superman isn’t real or tangible where Lieutenant Joe Smith is with his white starched dress shirt tucked into his snuggly fitted blue slacks holding a prize he’d love to share with a wonton deserving woman. And she’d let him too all for the sake of saying a big, wet and juicy thank you.

Oh ladies, we love our strong, honorable men in uniforms. Whether policeman, fireman, delivery man or military man. We want to be saved, cherished and held up on a pedestal. We want to watch our men return from war with their strong, proud jaw lines and clean cut faces and swoon at the simple smile they flash our way. The bravery associated with their uniforms can knock any of us out of our panties.

So I say if you’ve got a man in a uniform, grab ‘em and hold on tight. Just be sure to share the dirty details so we can all live vicariously through you.

Thank you!

Jennifer Anderson, mommy, wife and now author. Even though I’ve spent many years on either coast, I’ve spent a majority of my life in the Midwest. Here is where my heart grows with the love and support of my family and friends and here is where I find inspiration for my stories. Finally, after a year or two of bringing life to the stories in my head, I got a break. My first published novella, Ice Princess, will be out April 2012 by Turquoise Morning Press. Visit Jennifer on her site


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